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The Accent is available in Mango Wood, and more.

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Accent products range from the lowest price being INR 4090 to the highest price being INR 4090.

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Ebony wooden wall clock, etc are the best selling products in Accent Category.

Accent Furniture from ellementry 

Furniture can change the look of the entire home. So while selecting furniture, the shape and size of your space need to be considered. Accessories as simple as a door or drawer knob will brighten up the area so well. Our handcrafted furniture is of solid wood, and it is crafted, keeping in mind the basic principles of Indian home decor that range from themes to colours. The table is an integral part of the furniture, and it is a reflection of your taste and style. Buy a wooden table online from here that can take your room to a new level of beauty and craftsmanship. We design metal tables in such a way that they are comfortable and functional. We go to a great length to source our material, and it is of the highest quality, and each piece is handcrafted. We offer a collection of Peg Tables online in a wide range of designs, colours, patterns and sizes. The space-saving design of our nesting table online will enhance your home decor instantly.  Remember when our grandparents used to have benches and chairs made from jute and wood. Our twine wooden bench is a fusion of wood and rope, which is the perfect blend of style and substance. It is handcrafted from rope and natural wood, responsible for its unbreakable strength. It would give an ethnic and raw vibe to your room. You can place it at the foot of the bed to sit or to keep your blankets. It can also be used and placed at the entrance. The bench would go the best at the side of the window, where you can sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy the outside view. 

Table from ellementry

Give some bold and attractive pieces of table furniture to redefine your living area or bedroom. For example, side tables are space-saving and multiple roles playing accent furniture for different rooms. In a living room. Ellementry's metal side table is best as it covers-up space in between the sofa seat and wall. A wooden side table with a round shape can be placed in between sofa seats and act as a coffee table. A small side table is perfect for a living room but it must have bold colour, complementing pattern and a unique structure. 

Handcrafted side tables from ellementry 

There can be nothing more interesting than an accent table that can even hide your things or essentials. It's a perfect table if you love to keep wooden furniture in your house. This table doubles up as a storage unit. You can easily store your knick-knacks like a television remote and some books. It's an item of smart furniture for your home decor. It is one of the best accent tables. You will not find this piece of elegance anywhere else but only at Ellementry website.  

Our new Furrow peg table is perfect for cozy corners! It would love to follow you around the house; whether you're sipping a cup of coffee in the balcony, reading in your bedroom or entertaining in the living room. Sturdy, lightweight and willing to play so many roles. 

Our wooden peg table in brown colour can easily fit into your home decor. It doubles up as a storage unit. Just lift the lid and store your knick-knacks like books and tv or AC remote while you let yourself loose on the couch. Smart furniture to keep compact spaces neat and organised.

At ellementry, we believe good design is sustainable design.  One that is rooted in earth-friendly materials plays more than one role and looks good while also doing good. Work on it, store your work in it or work it to keep your study-hour snacks handy. Our two-decker wood table loves playing many roles for your family. With two (movable) storage parts, you can easily alter the height of the table by removing one of them. Made of mango wood, this table is looking for a way to come home to you.

Our doyen side table, is perfect to be used as a bedside table or as an end table to keep the essential stuff. The top surface provides an ideal platform for a phone charger and a stylish lamp. Two shelves are perfect for books.

Our cane craft side table with removable trays is at the epitome of form and function.You may place it where ever you want, and it will enhance the appearance of that space. The oak wood table comes with two removable cane trays. You may use it to serve your family or guests some tasty nibbles and drinks. Its neutral colour makes it perfect for gelling with any furniture, and it will effortlessly gel with the décor theme and shades. It offers you additional space to store your favourite things. Furthermore, move it from one area to another without moving the entire side table. 


Bench from ellementry 

At Ellementry, we believe that beauty is a blend of what looks good and also does good. And that this blend shows up in the most unlikely places. Handcrafted wooden bench online from Ellementry is a sleek, trendy and functional bench. Ellementry is delivering the perfect blend of style and functionality by transforming the humble bench into a comfortable and elegant part of the furniture. A wooden bench can lend a charm to any space and fits well in the home décor as these are multi-faceted and useful in multiple situations. Benches are in trend. So, you must add at least one to your home, too. The best area to place this bench is at the end of the bed. This way you will have extra sitting space in your bedroom. Crafted in the traditional 'charpoy' style, a type of bench used all over India, it fits right into your home. Your rack is everything you'll need. You may use it as the entryway bench, so, on your way out, you don't have to look for a spot to sit and wear your shoes. You can place the bench against a wall. You can use it as a bed bench at the foot of your bed, you may use it as a window seat.

Twine wooden bench with rack

If you are low on space in the bedroom area, place it at the entrance of your home, vanity area or living room. This table provides you with more space for storing your shoes, magazines, bags, baskets or more. The strong mango wood ensures that the furniture stays in its original beauty for a very long time. The product is handcrafted and a perfect fusion of form and function.

Can't wait to add these furniture pieces to your home? All you need to do is have a look at ellementry accent furniture and place an order right away.