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Mitt & Pot Holder

Beauty doesn’t scream for attention; it’s just there for you to contemplate. We at ellementry believe that what looks good should also do good. Form and functionality merge into the design. Keep your hand safe from scalding plates and dishware with our microwave oven gloves which are not only heat resistant but also look chic. Fashionable to use in the kitchen, practical and food safe making them perfect for everyday use.

Our microwave oven gloves can be your most versatile companion in your kitchen. Use them for baking, cooking or grilling. Made with love, our microwave oven gloves for kitchen are soft on your hands, give you a firm grip to handle hot items to hold or to put or take out them from the microwave oven. Keep them handy and ready to use for any occasion with a variety of patterns to choose from and make a subtle statement because true beauty just exists. Buy microwave gloves online at ellementry.com, and these are lightweight, flexible and non-slippery. We make handmade products making everything as unique as you.

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