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Midnight Mango Wood Bowl
Rustic Sage Ceramic Pasta Bowl
Rustic Sage Ceramic Nut Bowl
Rustic Sage Ceramic Serving Bowl (Large)
Rustic Sage Ceramic Serving Bowl (Small)
Frangipani Wooden Salad Bowl
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Olio Glass Bowl (Large)
Amber Love Ceramic Salad Bowl
Amber Love Ceramic Pasta Bowl
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Amber Love Ceramic Serving Bowl
Fiore Ceramic Salad Bowl
Fiore Ceramic Pasta Bowl
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Fiore Ceramic Serving Bowl
ceramic cereal bowl polka dots lemon
stitch sense mango wood bowl small
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carbon ceramic pasta bowl
carbon ceramic serving bowl -large
Linea Ceramic Serving Bowl- Large


Serve your preparations with purity and charm. Having a set of serving bowls makes the food look so elegant on the dining table. Our different type of ceramic bowls online help different purposes and can be used to serve food to your family or guests in a stylish manner — ceramic serving bowl partners well with rice curries and portions of pasta. For example, our soup bowls online are hand-marbled and hand-glazed; it's perfect for serving piping hot soup. Cooking pasta is nothing short of an art and our ceramic pasta bowls online give it the standing it deserves. They come with edges that let you have your fettuccine or spaghetti with ease. Check out our collection of handcrafted bowls online, they are food-safe bowls as per international standards, and they are microwave and dishwasher safe too. Our bowls are multipurpose, and used for lots of different things like to have soup, cereal, pasta and salad. We have big bowls that hold multiple servings and smaller bowls that are the right size for one person.   

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