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The Tableware is available in Glass, Mango Wood, Mango Wood, Glass, Glass, and more.

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

Tableware products range from the lowest price being INR 750 to the highest price being INR 3750.

There are total 188 products in Tableware Category.

Glass Water Dispenser, blue wood utensil holder, Frangipani Wooden Cutlery Stand, drop glass water bottle with ceramic stopper, drink more glass water bottle with ceramic stopper, etc are the best selling products in Tableware Category.

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Buy tableware online @ Ellementry – a lifestyle brand of handcrafted products offering a wide range of food-safe kitchenware products online. Choosing the right kind of table for your home online will make your kitchen more functional and beautiful. Enjoy the comfort of buying from our online store, or you may visit our retail stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Jaipur and Hyderabad. 

The dinner table is the place where the entire family meets and has food together at least once during the day. The visual appearance of dinnerware, cutlery, drinkware, accessories, Table linen plays a vital role in uplifting the aesthetic value of the dinner table and the overall presentation of the food served.

We have spoons and forks that blend metal and enamel. Think rose gold with a pop of pink. We have wine & cheese server cutlery for those who love to host wine and cheese party. Cake server sets that give your baked wonders the service that they deserve. And for those who take their salads seriously, we have salad tossers and servers that do the job and set the mood. But curated kitchen cutlery doesn't just end with food. Desserts deserve our best, too. So, we have spoons and forks that can easily pick brownies and dig into pastries. And for the ice cream cravings, we have scooper spoons that look good, do good and make the experience even better.

A quick guide to choose the perfect tableware for your home Cutlery

Lets start with cutlery, it is more than just a set of tools for eating. Be it knife, fork or spoon, cake server, salad spoon, dessert spoon and more; they reflect good taste. Choose the right kind of cutlery set for mealtimes. Depending on food and occasion, these cutlery set can be selected. Ellementry has an extensive range of cutlery designs that will go well with your tableware and serveware.

Do you know that your cutlery can make your food look more attractive and easy to eat? Good quality cutlery will nestle comfortably in your hand, and it will fit precisely with your way of living.  For instance, add a touch of opulence to the cutlery drawer with our Sophiya and masai cutlery set made of brass, while on-trend metallic colours of gold, rosé and silver give a futuristic look and add the colour spectrum.

Practical design elements of black and silver metal spoons with a thin handle and a mix of coloured acrylic transform these stunning cutlery into a visual appetiser. Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand.


Why can't Monday night dinners look like a Sunday night feast? With our handcrafted dinnerware every dinner will look like a feat. From different sized plates to bowls to oil and vinegar bottle and a butter dish: our dinnerware collection helps you layout a table both beautifully and functionally. There are only a few things quite like hand-painted ceramic and none of them can serve food as safely. Our dinnerware collections take design inspiration from ethnicities, culture and nature itself. With hand-painted flowers, the Fleur d'Or and frangipani collections present wood as a canvas for art and as a stage for your food. Even smaller things like salt and pepper sets, how the condiments are served matters: after all, laying out a table is all about the details. As beautiful as our dinnerware collections are, they don't get in the way of your food. Our ceramic dinnerware is glazed, wood lacquered and metal gets a powdered matte finish. We maintain international food-safety standards, and our collections fulfil their core purpose well.


If water is life, why can't it have a better form? Our drinkware range is beautiful and useful, both. It's mindful of its function and the environment. Take our sienna terracotta drinkware, for example. It's a traditional material that we've reimagined to fit into your everyday. Not only do our bottles and jugs look contemporary, but they also carry the alkaline goodness of the matka. Alkalized water reduces body pains, improves blood circulation and gives you stronger bones. Our glass drinkware like quoise and emerald glassware, are handcrafted with the traditional mouth-blown glass technique. And that's not the only thing traditional about it. Back in the day, glass was used for storage because it never enters or interacts with anything that it stores. Our glass water bottles like bubbles, drink more and daisy are ergonomically shaped to snugly fit into your hands. They come with hand-painted ceramic stoppers that make them quite the looker at your work desk and nightstand. Our ceramic drinkware adorns your nightstand in elegant patterns too.

Table Linen

Dressing up your table for dinner is as important as picking the right attire for yourself. It helps set the tone for the evening. Together with the dinnerware collection and the lighting you choose, it creates the vibe. Our dinnerware linen adorns your table, and each aspect of it serves a function. Our table runners form the base of the whole get up. Cotton runners feel good and look beautiful too. Table covers not only add to the get-up but are actually around to protect your table from spoonfuls of everything you've cooked. Our cotton placemats are quite the lookers too. Sitting right below everything you serve and individual plates, they help protect your table too. And we have different colours and patterns for different moods: from cosy to bright to formal, you'll find shades and designs for all the occasions. And not just occasions, all of our designs break an everyday pattern.

Ask yourself these questions before you buy tableware online:

  • Is the tableware food safe for your family members?
  • Is the cutlery rightly weigh?
  • Is the design and material of your tableware complementing your serveware?
  • Is the tableware priced within your budget?

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Different Types of Tableware Online at Ellementry

Material plays a vital role when choosing tableware. It speaks of the food-safety, and it should go beyond function. Here are some of the materials used to make tableware at ellementry:


Our TerracottaSienna and Knurl tableware collection design is a perfect combination of ethnic and contemporary design besides being earth-friendly.


Our ceramic tableware collection consists of Aqua Rustic, Rustic Sage, Carbon, Eclipse, Fiore, Linea and Blue Meadow. These are entirely food-safe; even the coating they wear for the shine is food-safe glazing that conforms with international food safety standards. So, layout your preparations beautifully in these beautifully handcrafted creations.


Akoda Ecomix collection endeavours to find a place on your dinner table setting. It is one of the most sustainable materials made of newspaper, glue and chalk powder.

Mango Wood

Mango wood is, fundamentally, the by-product of an already thriving industry: Mango fruit. Therefore, our tableware products made of mango wood is eco-friendly. Check out our mango wood collections like Fleur D 'Or, frangipani and midnight.

It's time to upgrade your tableware to something handcrafted, as the dining table is a place where you have created and will continue to make memories. So, selecting tableware that is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional is quite essential.


Brass being a sturdy metal with antibacterial properties, make this tablespoon set of four, durable and healthy. It is ideal for special meals setting as well as for your everyday meals. The gold, matte finish of Masai and Sophiya collection adds a royal feel to your table.

Stainless steel- Stainless steel is the most common material used as it meets the need for cutlery to be tough and stain-resistant. Cutlery made from high-quality stainless steel metals tends to be low maintenance and has long-lasting features. It is low maintenance, hygienic, durable, resists oxidation at high temperatures, will not rust and is resistant to stains and damage from fruit acids.

Choose from our handcrafted tableware collection:

Rustic Sage- Inspiration for this ceramic Rustic Sage collection comes from nature. The natural greens inspire the look of rustic sage. Specifically, the ageing of trees shows how beautifully gradating green changes when plants/trees grow older and older. In this process of ageing, fresher/lighter green becomes darker to darkest and then gradually becomes brown. This gradation can be seen on leaves, flowers, fruits and stems of the respective tree.

It is an ode to mother nature, and it is like embracing the ageing of nature, for a more sustainable future.

Sienna Terracotta Collection is the result of inspirations drawn from diverse sources, and mixing them up with a contemporary aesthetic to create products that fit right into your home. Terracotta is ideal since it distributes heat evenly, helping your baked dishes turn out perfectly cooked. Baking cake in terracotta is perfect for achieving delicious, tender, and full-flavoured baked goodies. The cookware should be heated gradually to attain the desired temperature. This way, the cake comes out evenly done and very moist. In this, you will find- baking Dishloaf panmixing bowlsramekin and tart dish.

Knurl Collection- Knurl collection is a serveware and drinkware collection. It has curd setter that brings to mind the flurry of activity in a traditional Indian home, with grandmother at the helm. The earthy flavour of the terracotta gives the curd a whole new accent. We all remember the conventional Matka. In this collection, you will see a tumbler that has the same qualities of terracotta but in a modern avatar. Terracotta and Butter Milk go hand in hand, and the taste of this beverage seems to get enhanced with terracotta. That's because terracotta is a porous material, excellent at maintaining taste and temperature; one of the reasons it's been a regular in Indian kitchens for so long!  In this collection, you will find- Curd Setter, Bottle, and Tumbler in various sizes.

Frangipani- A work of art is a world of new beginnings. And Ellementry's Frangipani collection brings this world at your tables. Purely rooted in everything by hand, our artists from Rajasthan have brought alive this timeless beauty of nature on wood. When you want to keep the narrative of natural element firmly alive in your everyday life, then the Frangipani collection is for you. Our artists lend it hand-painted patterns that are an ode to the beautiful flower on wood — an attractive choice for tableware and kitchen. Each piece of this collection is purely rooted and coated with 100% food-safe lacquer, handcrafted with love to delight you every day. With the hand-painted flowers, our artists add a coat of culture to any occasion and make a timeless statement in style. So. come, discover frangipani that promise to add a touch of the tropical to your beautiful home.

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Ellementry is home to handcrafted lifestyle products. The products are created in-house and with the utmost care and passion for making every customer's day beautiful. With the natural materials and artistic skillset of artisans, ellementry hosts an elegant collection of tableware online.