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At Ellementry, we believe that beauty and purpose go hand-in-hand. That beauty is what looks good, and also does good. And blending beauty where no one usually looks, makes it stand out. A beautiful story is a story told beautifully. The way leaves look and how they supply food to the entire crop, eye pleasing plants that bio-filter water, the sun and the mood: nature is filled with many pairings of form and function. So why not apply the same principle at our homes and blend both beauty and purpose to everything that we place in it. Our cotton place mat is the perfect example of this. Not only does it dress up your table in interesting patterns, but it takes away any proud homemaker’s worry: spills and smudges on the table. The online place mat gives your guests a beautiful base to eat on and adds up to the look of your table. And there are plenty of patterns to choose from: the table placemat online fits every occasion and even your every day. Buy place mat at www.ellementry.com.

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