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Having an elegant and handcrafted dinnerware set can change the way you feel about mealtimes. The right dinnerware also sets the mood by complimenting the food's appearance and the dinner's general theme. You may agree that the presentation of the food on the plate and platter is half of the battle won for you.


Orbis collection


The Orbis collection of serveware and storeware definitely holds a high position for uniqueness among the ellementry serveware range. Watch how handcrafted mango wood with hues of brown and black adds an exotic charm to your settings. This collection can transport you back in time with its rustic appeal. You will find that the Orbis pieces, though echoing the past, still resonate with contemporary times. The inclusion of symmetrical and asymmetrical concepts urges us to celebrate the true beauty of nature with all its irregularities. The defining feature is the circular motifs that run like a ripple effect across the wares. The collection's name is inspired by the celestial trackways on which heavenly bodies orbit. It is the past, present, sky, and earth all moulded together to grace you with wholesomeness. Orbis lets you store your snacks, serve them in style, or display your decorative items. The duality of this range as a holder for food and decor makes it a much needed ware around the house.

This collection includes Orbis Round Tri Legged Platter, Orbis Asymmetric Tri Legged Platter, Orbis Round Shallow Bowl Large, Orbis Tri Legged Shallow Round Bowl, Orbis Tri Legged Round Bowl - Large, Orbis Tri Legged Round Bowl - Small, Orbis Jar - Large, and Orbis Jar - Small.

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Papier mache dolls have rocked stores all across Northern India for centuries. This art form that recycles paper tells us that culture had sustainability in mind without spelling it out. After all, it takes a seasoned artist to craft a beautiful retirement scheme for old newspapers.

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Glass may seem or appear man-made, but it comes from the sands of time. It's lime, sand and soda in a 2000-degree furnace, and you get the molten glass that is mouth-blown, shaped and cooled into the solid state we love it for. It maintains international food-safety standards and never interferes with anything that it stores.

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Every Indian household has grown up with this piece of earth. Terracotta ghadas or roof tiles, our baked earth has sheltered us with goodness. At Ellementry, we bring back culture and age-old traditions passed around the table for generations in our country. And we reimagine them to fit into our everyday lives. Take our Terracotta range for example. As it’s porous, it breathes and keeps anything that it stores fresh. Its alkaline goodness sets thick curd that does well for your gut and makes our bones strong. The good bacteria that it passes on to the curd ease along digestion. And it keeps out excess water. So, what you get is thick curd that does good for you too. Break an everyday pattern and get the curd right with our terracotta curd setters. Sway the winds of our culture back at your tables with our terracotta collection that ranges from curd-setters to sprout makers to water bottles to bakewares.

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