People today are focused on making their home beautiful. As the kitchen is the space where most time is spent, homemakers add distinguished products in this part of the house to accentuate the look.

Delicious meals are prepared using the best ingredients that can also benefit your health. But we seriously need to think – is it enough? No, it isn’t. With nutritious food, you would also want the utensils too to carry that healthy approach of yours.

What you need is utensils and drinkware that can add to your efforts and help maintain good health. Ellementry is one such kitchenware products maker that focuses on enhancing the beauty of your home and also contributing to your health.


If you love keeping an eye on the most trending kitchenware items, then you must have come across terracotta products. They are amazingly beneficial for your health, and can be purchased from

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They will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Terracotta is a clay-based product that received more significance from sculpture-making in ancient times. It is a vital part of our rich cultural heritage that it became a practical application in the modern-day scenario. A lot of theme-based restaurants and eating joints make use of terracotta cookware to prepare lip-smacking meals. 

But did you know that consuming food prepared in terracotta products is also benefiting your health? Yes! You read that right. Terracotta has many health benefits associated with it. Now you understood why our elders suggest eating food prepared in terracotta cookware and drink from clay jugs on summer days.


Benefits Of Using Terracotta Products

Nutritious Rich Slow Cooking

When you will make use of a terracotta baking dish for microwave, you will be able to facilitate slow cooking. Food that is cooked over low heat never stays raw and gives a much better taste.

As terracotta is porous, it creates a perfect concoction of heat and moisture. As a result, the food that you eat from such cookware is highly delicious. The steam and vapour stay in place, eliminating the need for adding extra oil. The food automatically becomes high in nutritional value as well. 

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Another great thing about terracotta cookware is that it has heat retention property. You will not need to increase the temperature. The food will cook amazingly even at low temperature. 

Prevent Sun Strokes

Summers are here, and soon the heat outside will be unbearable. Drinking enough water is necessary to keep the body hydrated. But it is equally imperative to see the kind of utensil you are using to drink water or any other beverage. Water stored in an item made from terracotta is highly beneficial.

If you are always on the go, invest in a sienna terracotta carafe with lid to stay hydrated without compromising your health or style. The vitamins and minerals of terracotta will get transferred to the water stored in it, helping you maintain optimum glucose levels. This will further ensure your body stays cool even in the sweltering heat. 

Improves Metabolism & Virility

You must be aware of the fact that drinking the right amount of water every day can boost the metabolism. Instead of storing water in plastic or glass bottles, switch to terracotta bottles with a wooden lid to feel refreshing every time you have a sip.

If you love eating curd in the hot summer months, prepare it in a terracotta curd setter with a wooden lid. The curd will come out thick and highly delicious. Your metabolism will work much better, and you will also stay more hydrated in summers. Terracotta can also help maintain a healthy testosterone level.

Your water and curd in terracotta will taste natural, pleasantly cool, improving your metabolism and virility in the wake.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, terracotta is porous and alkaline. It is also good for your heart’s health and the water stored in terracotta bottles are gentle on the throat too.

Investing in good terracotta drink and kitchenware will benefit you greatly in the long run. If you want a combination of health and the beauty for your kitchen, you can order some amazing terracotta products from 

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