Our coming of age in this digital era has come a full circle, and what we shunned as dated, has now become a niche and in fact, is in fashion. Traditional cookware, that we updated to align with the new era, is now reclaiming its place in the kitchen with a new look while retaining all its goodness. With Ellementry, traditional cookware makes a chic entry into the kitchen, with the goodness of what our grandmothers fed us. Copperware, earthenware, brassware that are reminiscent of our childhood, can now become a part of our kitchen in a new contemporary style. 

Ellementry is a premium brand, that blends the best of both new and old and transforms the kitchen into an amalgamation of eras, to give us the best of both worlds. Ellementry creates a range of traditional cookware, that not just cooks food well, but also presents it beautifully to be savoured. Their brand vision is to design purpose and craft while also retaining the beauty of it all. Every product at Ellementry is a piece of art, combining the mind and soul, fusion of sense and sensuous. Their craft contains their view of the world, as well as their place in it, rightfully so. 

Ellementry serves a range of cookware in different materials, that not only beautifies but also elevates the health factors of our food, retaining the nutritional value. Here’s a brief look at Ellementry’s range of products that can weave the magic in the kitchen.

Earthenware – You must’ve seen Anthony Bourdain walking the small bylanes in North India, learning to make roti in a ‘chulha’ or in a big earthen pot and savouring it like nobody else. Well, earthenware and wooden cookware have a special place in our memory when it comes to cooking. We’ve all been fortunate to taste some iconic Indian traditional foods made in earthen pots and the flavour that they add. Dal tadka, Dal Baati, Rumali roti, are all best savoured when made in these earthen pots and now, we can weave the same magic in our homes. With Ellementry’s artistic collection of earthenware from terracotta curd setters to baking dishes are a worthy steal to add to your kitchen. It can transform the flavour and you can recreate some iconic foods from around the world, right here in your kitchen. The rustic appeal from earthenware makes it a perfect choice for those cozy dinners in winter. Make a splash with terracotta, and give your food the perfect texture with its earthy appeal.

Stoneware – Our childhoods are reminiscent of a big black stone which our grandmothers would use, and create some flavours that instantly melted in our hearts and souls. With Ellementry’s range of stoneware, you can recreate these flavours from childhood, along with some stylish white marble cookware. The mortar pestle, condiments jars and belan-chakla set can really add a contemporary touch to your kitchen. Not just that, Ellementry has an array of serving dishes and bowls with a touch of marble that can stylize those dinner evenings and charm your guests with your unique style. Stoneware can add depth to the character of your kitchen. Its imperfection, with little rough edges, makes it real and gives a warm homely feel.

Copper-ware – Copper has once again found its way into the kitchen, and this time, the world is waking up to its benefits more than ever before. Copperware which was used in the olden days has now been redesigned in a modern way to suit our needs, and yet, provide us with the health benefits of dining in copperware. According to Ayurveda, eating in copper regulates the heat in our bodies. Add a twist of shine in your kitchen via, copper coffee mugs and copper teapots, water jars, etc. It can add an amazing warmth to the vibe of the kitchen, create an artistic hue with copper tumblers and serving dishes and you will also have a contemporary kitchen that you’ve always dreamt of.

Woodenware – You think of wood, and immediately you’re drawn to vintage styles and Moroccan styles of woodenware. The teak wood that Ellementry uses to create some vintage cookware is a sight to behold and definitely a must-buy, for your kitchen. For those cocktail evenings, musical mehfils, this cookware and dining ware in teak wood can really elevate the evening. Their cheese platter serving dishes to chakla-belan sets, salad bowls, serving trays, salad pickers, and scoopers are a must-buy. Wood is really the star of the kitchen when used in small but contemporary styles. Add serving ware to your kitchen and see those dinners becoming a rage. 

Glassware–  Glassware is a must-have in the kitchen, but with the over usage of the same, it has become extremely overrated. But with Ellementry’s range of glassware, you can bring in style and utility in a unique blend and see the magic unravel. Ellementry’s range of classic yet chic glassware including cloches, tumblers, serving bowls with intricate designs, storage jars with wooden lids, enamel bowls, water jugs, can add an elegant touch to your kitchen. Over the years, we’ve realized that minimalistic designs create deeper impacts and staying true to just that, Ellementry’s range of glassware is a classic example. Simple elegant designs and enamelled hues, their pieces are a must-have in the kitchen. It represents a contemporary outlook and gives your kitchen a regal touch.

Silverware –  What’s a modern kitchen without a touch of royalty? In most households’ silverware comes in only by way of rare festive occasions and only in the form of plates and glasses. Very rarely do we find designs that are unique and functional too. Ellementry’s range of silverware is a sheer piece of art. Each piece is intricately designed and represents some fine craftsmanship. From ice jars, bowls and egg mugs to serving dishes, each piece of this silverware is definitely a steal. Small accents to your serving ware like condiment bowls, or egg mugs or a fine piece of a silver brass teapot can add just the right touch of royalty to your kitchen.

Ceramic Ware – Another overused material in the market with substandard designs is ceramic. While it remains a versatile material in the kitchen as well as in-home décor, this material needs to be crafted well. Ellementry does just that and so much more. Indigo hued serving dishes, intricately crafted storage jars, to pastel-hued dessert plates, ceramic ware is at its finest. Choose a peach-coloured piece of storage ware to contrast with copperware or stoneware, and your kitchen will be nothing short of a piece of art. Serve some delectable delicacies with uniquely crafted dessert plates or have those classic cheese and wine evenings with Ellementry’s unique range of ceramic ware.

Ellementry also serves a range of home décor that can vibe with the classic tone of kitchenware and dining ware. Now, you can transform your kitchen just like you had dreamt of and host those warm winter nights laced with music or poetry. All this blended with the finely crafted cookware and dining ware from Ellementry can build the great character of the kitchen and give it a much-needed touch of style. So hop on to the website and design the kitchen of your dreams!

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