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Anything ranging from plates, dishes, bowls, and others, the crockery can be categorized under dinnerware. The most commonly preferred materials for various cooking or serving purposes include porcelain, bone china, melamine, earthenware, and stoneware. Choosing the right dinnerware requires some knowledge of the variety that is usually available and its suitability to the occasion. Ellementry understands this and so we provide you with the best you can get in the market. 

Dinnerware usually ranges from stylish to casual and are put to use depending on the occasion and the kind of guests you have over. 

What's the occasion?

As we all know, dinnerware needs to be more durable when you have kids in the house or plan to organize parties where youngsters form a majority of the guest list. Formal gatherings call for finer materials and a similar choice could be made for those special occasions and holidays when the family gets together to celebrate once in a while. 

So, the right dinnerware is subjective to the occasion and the type of guests it is catering to. A table that is set in your own personal style and taste allows a possibility for a variety of styles, and these guidelines curated with the help of Ellementry designs should give you a good idea about the choice of dinnerware for every occasion and every household décor. 

The Choice of Colours – classic white and the designs

Colour schemes are an important aspect to consider when making a dinnerware choice. The best and most versatile tones that people have for their households include neutral shades of white and ivory. No matter what the colour choice, a staple that every household can opt to have is a classic white or ivory white plates and bowls. There also comes a choice with gold-rimmed ones but limit the possibility of them being microwave friendly. The white base makes it an easy choice for the way it can complement any kitchen and dining room décor. They also make a good choice for any kind of food presentation.

Those who prefer to opt for some more design over their dinnerware can opt from Ellementry’s pretty hand-painted ones, patterned designs or the ones with solid banded rims. Most pots and pans come with a liquid effect finish for ceramic and glassware featuring fancy and unique swirl designs. The ceramic varieties often come in solid and vibrant colours usually balanced out with a neutral shade in combination. 

Dinnerware for the food bloggers

Imagine photographing a scrumptious looking red velvet pastry placed over a pastel pink dessert plate, eggs cooked sunny side up on a white ceramic plate bordered with yellow as bright as the yolk or rice served on a white plate hand-painted with a shade of blue that reminds you of Delft blue pottery. Just like the food you prepare with love and care is an art in itself, the surface you present it on can add much to its artistic beauty.

There happen to be many food bloggers out there who would find investing in their choice of good dinnerware quite rewarding. As much as the lighting and background are important, good food photography also relies on presentation. What better way to add some beauty and class to your photos than by choosing a nice range of dishes, trays, and bowls to complement the food you make. Check out the best-in-town options below, also available at Ellementry, to choose your favourite dinnerware that’ll reflect your vibe!

Classy Bone China 

Bone china dinnerware, popularly known for reflecting opulence and style are made of animal bone ash and soft porcelain. They are best known for being lightweight yet durable. Gorgeous bone china dinnerware can be a good investment if you plan to add something valuable to your kitchen set for the long run. The way to tell whether an item is made of true bone china would be to hold it up against the light. The best pieces would be translucent and when you flick a finger on the edge of the plate or bowl, you'd hear a fine ring to it. Good bone china dinnerware is chip-resistant and if not exposed to sudden temperature changes, they can last a very long time. Additionally, they're also microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Animal conscious people, however, can look for many more prettier and classy alternatives to bone china dinnerware. Opting for other forms of ceramics at Ellementry such as terracotta or stoneware can be a good alternative.

The Light Weight Durable Melamine 

The modern-day popular choice for most households is melamine. The beauty of melamine dinnerware is that they are available in beautiful designs and colours, and are versatile and relatively cheap at the same time. We at Ellementry understands that families with kids find melamine an easy choice that makes it durable and good for daily use, both indoors and outdoors. The lightweight plastic material, however, is not microwave friendly or dishwasher safe. 

Rustic Earthenware

Gaining popularity in many households, earthenware opens up a whole world of environment-friendly choice of dinnerware. Its thick rustic feel has its own charm. The handcrafted variety adds a personal touch with each item created artistically with hands of love and care. Although susceptible to chipping, the beauty of earthenware is hard to overlook and most importantly, calls for a dinnerware choice that takes into account its impact on the environment. 

Terracotta: Earthenware's most popular variety is terracotta. Dinnerware and other items have been made out of terracotta that date back to the Roman Empire and as the world strives to move towards a sustainable form of lifestyle, terracotta is regaining its popularity as a dinnerware choice in many households. 

Vibrant varieties in Stoneware 

Known for its smooth and glazed finish, stoneware dinner sets offered at Ellementry are mostly family-friendly and also more durable than earthenware. Care, however, must be taken to avoid exposing them to high heat or freezing temperatures and therefore, makes it a better choice in terms of dishes, bowls, and cups rather than utensils for storage. 

For a fancier variety, stoneware offers hand-painted options with a bit more uniqueness. However, Care must be taken to ensure that they are hand-washed. Maintenance for most fancy dinnerware must be done with care but is usually easy although many are not dishwasher safe. Using a soft sponge to prevent scratches and use of warm soapy water is sufficient to keep them clean. 

Lesser used wooden dinnerware 

Unusual but classy choices of dinnerware are those made of wood. Ellementry has some finely sculpted and handcrafted dishes and bowls with its natural wooden colour and texture that make for artful display and give your table a warm look. Its neutral brown tones are also easy to match with other tableware. Although serving pieces like spatulas, ladles, and trays, or serving bowls are more common as wooden utensils in the kitchen, glazed varieties of wooden utensils can be used for various occasions. They won't be microwave friendly and care must be taken to not let them soak in water for too long. Nevertheless, they make a good choice for the right dinnerware. 

The Beauty of Handmade Dinnerware

While it is easy to be given into mass-produced cheaper varieties of dinnerware that offer a plethora of choices to us today, imagine for a moment to have a collection of the finest quality handcrafted terracotta jars that support the local artisans in your community, a beautifully hand-painted dish in all its imperfections and much more. 

A hardly noticeable curve on the edge of the bowl, a very slight bump on the side of a plate add the artisan's touch to it that speaks to you and reflects the effort that has been put into each and every single piece that is created and sculpted. The uniqueness that comes along with it makes it so much more different from the mundane regulars our eyes have become so accustomed to seeing. 

So pick the right dinnerware according to your choice and need. Visit to grab the best in the market.

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