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An ideal kitchen must have the right utilities to cook easily and quickly. Ellementry provides various utilities for the kitchen that are safe, sustainable, and handmade. It ensures a refined and relaxed living. In this article, we will see certain must-have kitchen essentials that everyone should know to make the kitchen convenient for cooking.

Must have utilities for the kitchen:

1. Utilities for serving:


    • A ladle is needed for serving soups or any dish with gravy. Its bent handle enables you to hook it on the pot's side without letting it fall into it.
    • When you are using a skillet for tossing veggies or meat, a locking tong is needed.
    • In order to ensure a good grip, it should have non-slip handles and tips that are scalloped.
    • For perfectly picking up of pancakes or cookies, the metal spatula will work perfectly by preventing flipping of the food.
    • Serving plates are a vital part of a kitchen. No matter how delicious an item is, if proper serving plates are not used, it will create a negative impression on your guests. So make sure to keep serving plates of different sizes to suit different occasions perfectly.

2. Utilities for slicing, mashing, and shredding:

A knife is a must-have tool in your kitchen for slicing things. Similarly, a grater with different grating options should be there for shredding, dusting, zesting and shaving. For mashing potatoes, a potato masher must be included in the tools. A vegetable peeler must be there to peel the skin of vegetables. 

3. Can opener:

Make sure that this device prevents the lowering of the lid into the food. A perfect one will cause a safe cut, smooth edge and cut outside the can instead of the lid and result in smooth edges.

4. Corkscrew:

It is required for opening the beer as well as wine. Its best part is that it doesn't occupy much space like a 2-armed model.

5. Cups and spoons for measuring:

This helps in measuring the dry as well as wet ingredients. Similarly, use measuring spoons which are oval so that they can fit into the spice jars conveniently.

6. Peppermill:

A perfect peppermill should have the option of coarse to fine grinding. It should have a hole large enough for the ease of refilling it with peppercorns.

7. Casseroles:

These come in various sizes and are available in sets too. It is great for replicating foods like lasagna and brownies as starters.

8. Colanders for sifting flour:

A wire mesh colander must be included in the kitchen utensil. It is not only useful in sifting flour but also prevents the pasta from getting into the sink's residual puddle. 

9. Mixing bowl:

These are available in different shapes. You should own those which are wider, and there must be at least three bowls of varying shapes that can be used for mixing wheat flour, making cakes, cookies, or even keeping the chopped veggies for cooking.

10. Saucepan:

Saucepan is one of the most vital kitchen tools that can be used for making a sauce, boiling milk, making tea, etc.

11. Saute pan or curry pan:

This tool comes with a lid which enables you to cook dishes in it by covering the lid. Slow cooking with the lid covered helps in bringing out the real flavors besides making the process faster.

12. Stewpot:

This can be used for making stew in large amounts and even biriyani. It acts as a multi-utility pot in your kitchen when there are 4-6 family members in your home.

13. Mortar and Pestle:

Mortar and Pestle is a great tool for powdering small amounts of spices that need to be added to food for creating great flavors. One with higher walls and wider diameter will prevent the spices from spilling while grinding them.

14. Chakla belan:

This is needed for making the Indian flatbread out of wheat flour. Make sure to get one which is heavy as it will be convenient to use by ensuring stability. 

15. Salad bowl:

You will not only need to serve salad but also cleaning them.

16. Microwave:

It is a great device that helps you defrost food, cook dishes as well as bake various items.

17. Cutting board:

This has a major role to enhance the longevity of your knives' sharpness. Keeping more than one cutting board is a good idea to prevent cross-contamination of food. 

18. Kitchen towels:

These are an indispensable part of any kitchen as they help in clearing the mess, shifting hot pots as well as drying the serve wares after washing them.

19. Rack for dish drying:

It is needed even for those who use a dishwasher. When there are not a lot of dishes for the dishwasher, you can put the dishes here, which have been hand washed. 

20. Storage containers:

These are needed to keep leftover foods or else dry snacks in the kitchen racks. Make sure that they have airtight lids, to prevent the food from getting stale.

21. Toaster:

This is a must-have appliance for anyone who has bread, muffins, or pop tarts. It should be a versatile one having slots that are wider, which lets you toast thick bread and bagels.

Materials preferable for the utilities of kitchen:

The kitchen utensils of various materials can be found in the market today, but among all materials, these are the ones which you should prefer:

1. Terracotta:

This material is perfect for baking. It helps in the even heat distribution, resulting in wonderful bakes. Excellent crusts are produced owing to the material's perfect texture. You should use old terracotta that has been used for cooking in Rome and gradually the tradition spread to other parts of the world.

Besides baking, you can also use the terracotta for serving as it has a rustic charm that anyone would love to see on the dining table. The best part about this material is that the alkaline balance in the body is maintained by it. If you keep water in such kinds of utensils, you can get naturally cold water because of the material's porosity.

2. Copper:

This metal has medical importance in Ayurveda. That is why drinking water from jugs made of copper is recommended. Just like terracotta, it ensures that the body's alkaline balance is maintained by positively charging the water 

3. Glass:

Glass has an elegance and doesn't react with the food kept in containers made out of it. There are kitchen utensils and jars made of it, which enhances the beauty of the kitchen. Cleaning them is quite easy too. It is the best thing to store water in glass bottles, and thus they can effectively replace plastic  that is harmful to health

4. Wood:

People gradually are preferring wooden utensils, instead of those made from silicone as these are natural and gives a traditional feel. Adding such utensils imparts a rustic touch to your kitchen besides ensuring the health, which every guest is going to love.

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