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Sugar tong comes handy for picking up and serving sugar cubes made from all types of sugar like granulated sugar, brown sugar, sugar substitutes and even homemade sugar cubes. Buy sugar tong from ellementry to pick up sugar cubes for your coffee or rock sugar for your tea in style without touching it with hands. They are also ideal for serving small pieces of lemon slice, marshmallows, crescent rolls, hash browns, olives or pickle slices and more. Thanks to their sleek look, the sugar tongs online at ellementry are a perfect complement to your tea set and cutlery. Use them to put sugar cubes in tea or coffee during high tea or even in your tea or coffee every day. These sugar tongs are dishwasher safe and food-safe. Squeeze the sugar to pick up the cube, release where needed and enjoy. It is an essential addition to your high tea.