You might overlook it while decorating your home, but lighting plays a prominent role in embodying your dream interior look. It is perhaps the most vital element of interior design.

We are aware that it holds the power of playing with our mood, perceptions, sensation. It can create a dreamy ambience much more than furniture and other decor items. The place lights up with positivity and a lively spirit with appropriate lighting fixtures. Light up your home with fancy pendant lamps of Ellementry.

While designing a space, we always put our concern into the decoration pieces. We make sure each item, either on the cabinet or on the wall, makes a statement. It is our regular strategy to give the place a makeover. But what we miss is the importance of lighting.

We do lay stress on fancy lights for home but hardly worry about their placement. Each kind plays a unique role. E.g: Dim and indirect lighting creates intimate spaces that promote the feeling of relaxation.

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On the other hand, direct lighting activates our brain and allow us to see everything inside the room. It also keeps us in a high-spirited mood all the time.

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Here are some tips that can help you lighten your house the way it should be:

  • Lighting is that part of your redecoration which you can’t just tag on the designer’s responsibility list. It requires personal attention. Think about what areas of your room you would like to see well lit.
  • Use warm light temperature for the common areas. It will help the vibe in the room to stay calm and balanced.
  • Mix direct and indirect light to create a contrasting ambience. Going crazy is fun sometimes. It helps in this situation. While you have a party at your hood, these lights will do wonders to set the mood just right for the party vibe
  • You can use LED strips in your wardrobe. It is a helpful and pocket-friendly trick that will help you every day and every time
  • Provide special attention to the lighting in your bedroom. It is one place where you seek comfort after an entire day of hustling. Keep it cool and calm so that it relaxes your mind and soul the moment you step into the room
  • If you are redecorating your office workspaces, then you might want to consider fixing lights that will keep your employee’s mood light and stress-free. Bright lights release heat which might irritate the worker as they are already sitting in front of their computer lights for hours. Make sure your interior’s light balance everything

This description of beautiful pendant lights will help you select what will go well in your abode or any other spaces:

Gunmetal pendant lamp-flat

You can hang it over your study table or on the kitchen’s countertop. Along with brightening up space, it will light up your décor as well. The gun metal pendant lamp adds a raw charm to every place you will string it up. Its subtle yet modern design is what sets it apart from regular looking pendant lamps.

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Grey metal pendant lamp-narrow

Its look is what will attract you the most. You can hang it on any corner, and space will lit up with elegance. You can put a couple of these in your bedroom to make an impression or dangle it over your table in the living room.

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Put it wherever you like. The grey metal pendant lamp will serve its purpose effortlessly. The light is available in 2 colours: grey and gold. You can either have one or both to furnish your space with a charm of subtlety.

Grey metal pendant lamp-bell

Life is too short for a commonly shaped lamp. This bell-shaped bell is fun to see and add to your creative living as well as workspace. At the office, you can hang one at each workstation.

At home, you can swing a few of these light lamps in a row over the dining table. You use them as your spotlight and put them where you want your visitors to spend most of their attention.

Proper lighting will make your life and work easier. It will change the mood of the space. When you install lights unevenly all over the ceiling, it unleashes disturbed lighting. There has to be a symphony. Take a look at more pendant lamps to experience the magic of the right lighting in your personal space only at

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