Glassware is a vital barware that comes in new versatile styles and designs these days in the market. Choosing the right glassware is important to impress the guests by serving the savouring drink in the ideal glass. It also adds so much visual charm to the party table by complimenting the drink to a grand level. It is suggested to choose glassware based on the needs of your bar. 

Different types of Glassware

Before choosing glassware, you need to contemplate the scenarios wherein you will use the glassware. You need to opt them based on who will be using them. Below listed are different types of glassware for you to select from, based on your requirements.


These glasses have a stem between the bowl of the glass and foot. These are alluring pieces of glassware and are priced at higher rates. Vega wine glasses are the best example for the most sought-after glasses in the market. They are used less frequently when compared to regular glasses. These glasses create a notable difference in the taste of the drinks and, give a nice feeling about your glassware.

Different types of Stemware Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are must to have in the bar to present the drinks pleasingly to the guests. There are certain standards adhered while serving different types of wines which are illustrated below.

Red Wine- A red wine is generally served in a larger bowl wine glass. It is because these augmented surfaces give the wine a better space to breathe by retaining the smell of the wine.

White Wine- White wine glasses require to be served in smaller glass bowls due to the temperature demands. These wines are served cold that is why narrow style is preferred.

Champagne- These glasses are available in unique size and designs to provide a seamless wine experience. The tall and sleek flute glass is the best fit for champagne as it maintains the bubble effect of the wine at the best level. The short and open glasses are not the best medium for serving champagne as they are prone to spillage of the wine easily.

Tulip glasses are suitable ones too as they have a great effect on the taste of the drink. 

Sherry/Port- These glasses are capable of holding the strong wine blends that are generally served before or after a dinner at the party to give a nice finishing touch to the party. They are served in relatively small glasses and, choosing the appropriate glass size is essential to have a delightful wine experience.

There are so many beautiful glasses in the market to serve different beverages with splendid taste. It is suggested to analyze the type of drinks you are going to serve in the bar or party before you buy them. It is not a prudent idea to just buy all glasses for a drink which you are not even going to have in the home bar.

Also, consider the serving size of the glass. Every drink demands a specific size that needs to be counted. Dedicated glasses are available for drinks like vodka, scotch, martini, and others. Consider buying the appropriate glassware to serve each drink with that improved taste.

Beer Glasses

Beer is a spirited drink that excites the guests and, keeps them going throughout the party. Like wines, beers also have a specific type of glasses that have a huge impact on the taste and aroma of the drink. 

The most suited glass for serving light beers are the pilsner glass with a tall narrow glass and a broader rim. On the other hand, the savoury beers and beverages are served in typical beer mugs that make the beer a much enjoyable drink.

Cocktail Glasses

There are diverse varieties of cocktail glasses but most of them are suitable for a standard set of glasses.

Collins Glasses- These tumbler-like glasses are high enough to serve soft drinks, bloody marys, and juice like cocktails such as cranberry and vodka. The larger bowl of the glass adds so much taste to the cocktail when served in these conservative glasses.

Highball Glasses- With a standard size of 10-12 ounces, these glasses hold good for strongly blended drinks like a tequila sunrise, gin, and tonic. These glasses come into picture when there is a request from the guests to serve more drinks. These tall glasses are perfect to hold the intensely strong drink with a nice aroma. With their sleek design, these glasses are a classy addition to the glassware collection of any bar.

Rocks Glasses- These traditional and petite glasses are the best choices to serve drinks with more alcohol content like rum, coke, and southern comfort. 

Shot Glasses- Shot glasses make the best glassware for serving shots quickly in seconds. These glasses also help in measuring the alcohol in other drinks and make great mixers. They are undeniably a great addition to any bar as bartenders get benefited more with these glasses for serving any kind of drink.

Hurricane Glasses- A charming glass with a smooth curve in the centre is what makes it look more eye-catchy in the party table. Hurricane glasses are the best to serve expensive drinks like a margarita in a subtle style to the guests. The majestic shape of the glassware fascinates the drinker by providing a likeable wine experience.

Martini Glasses- Martini drinks are speciality drinks served in extraordinary glasses like martini glasses. These glasses have a high demand in any bar due to their freakish style that renders a reviving drink. These trending glasses add a contemporary touch to any bar.

Importance of Glassware

Drinking alcohol has become a trend these days as the guests enjoy the party to the fullest. The glassware industry has come up with new intricate styles of glasses to meet the drinking needs of consumers for different wines in giving a gratifying wine experience. 

These glasses are hand-curated and light-weighted that makes them less likely to get shattered. 


Drinking wine can be appreciated with impressive glasses that transform the taste of the drink. Choose the right kind of glasses for your home bar to create a striking difference in serving the wines to the guests. Make a thorough research on the glassware and, choose the best by thoughtfully considering the size, design, cost, and purpose of the glasses.

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