The bedroom is where our heart lies. It is like our solace away from all the chaos of the world. It plays a prominent role in our life; so naturally, it deserves to be treated differently from all the other rooms in the house.

This corner of the home affects our emotional responses and moods, changes them from being casual to cheerful in a blink. You need to have a detailed thought behind every article that is present in the room. You can have a look at some furniture & lighting products by Ellementry to decorate your favourite place with elegance and grace.

Now, there are some factors which one must consider before buying furniture. Here are few factors mentioned below:


Stand at the entrance of the room and give a thorough look. Analyse how much space do you have? See what is the best space to put chairs or a set of a sofa? Check if your little abode has a place for wardrobe installation?

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Or if you need a medium or king-sized bed for yourself? Remember, the right size of the furniture will make the space look organised and not cluttered.


Think which style you would like to go with? Clean and minimalistic or warm and rustic or classic or traditional or bold and bright? The type of furniture you choose will reflect your style. If you have something from your old furniture that you want to keep then make sure it doesn’t look odd with the new ones. Try to get something that complements it.

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People like to install a light above their bed. Nightstands along with the bed look nice. It uplifts the overall look. You can keep a small pot, photo frame or an alarm clock on it for decor purpose. If space allows, you can keep them on both sides as well.

Colour combination

The colour you choose for your furniture must glow in the bedroom’s lighting. Sometimes, furniture and lighting in the room go in the opposite direction. It looks odd and can also ruin your mood.

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To maintain a calm and peaceful vibe in the room, avoid bringing purple and black. Pick colours that complement each other and create harmony with lighting.

Here are some woody suggestions from Ellementry to add life to your bedroom spaces.

Doyen side table

This is what you need besides your bed. Fit to serve the conventional as well as decor purpose. It has two shelves that will help you with all your favourite books, boxes, jugs, pots.

You can place all your essential stuff on the top, and the rest of the knick-knacks can go on the bottom shelf. The product has an antique and rustic look to it. Do not worry about losing its shine. The table is put together using mango wood which will remain the same longer than your expectation.

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Twine wooden bench

If you want to make extra sitting space in your room but do not want heavy furniture, the twine wooden bench will perform the job effortlessly for you. It is a blend of style and substance.

The durable jute and natural wood will make it look the same for several years to come. You can place it beside the entrance gate or at the foot of the bed. One can also keep it near the window to enjoy the outer view.

Wood peg table

People, nowadays, prefer to have a corner for study in their room. It is where they like to read their morning paper. This table will be perfect for that spot. It will easily fit into all kinds of decor. It doubles up as a storage unit.

Lift the lid and store all your necessary item like books, A.C remote, pen, diary in it. It is modern furniture with compact spaces and a sophisticated and neat look. If you have a balcony attached to your room, it will perfect for that location as well.

Furrow peg table

Perfect to place anywhere in the house, this furrow table will look stunning in the corner or side of the bed. Use it as a coffee table, end table, plant stand. It will also turn into a leisure table for you.

Well, the lighting in the bedroom is always dim and calming. Get yourself the furniture that will look go in this lighting.

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