Table runners have been in practice for a very long time. Sprucing up the dining area or living room with it is super easy and convenient. However, many homemakers make a lot of mistakes when buying and placing runners on their dining, centre or console table.

They often get too excited by the shades and designs that they forget about their existing décor, length and shape of the dining space and more. Luckily, the best of using runners isn’t a daunting task. All you need to know is some ways and rules that must be followed when placing it on the desk or eating area. 

Always remember that you aim to create a fun, fresh and attractive decoration. You don’t have to follow strict rules from a home magazine. You need to follow your style, creativity and comfort. There are so many stunning designs and colours that you can bring home.

All you have to do is visit and go through the listing of table runners. There are so many beautiful options to choose from. The listed below ideas will help you further to achieve that stunning decor look.

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Traditionally Lengthwise

If we look at the traditional way of using a runner, it was done lengthwise. It was placed in the centre of the table, long enough to leave some material hanging over the edges. You can also follow the same practice. Do make sure that it does not go far down as a table cloth.

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You can experiment with a few looks to see what you like the most. Before you buy a runner, know the length of your table and then choose because the material should hang from the sides.

You can select various colours and patterns that complement your personality and the décor. Move forward and complete the look with coordinating placements, centrepieces, napkins and more.


Short & Sweet Contrasttable-runner,

When opted for a conventional style, the material will run the full length of the dining table. But if you wish to create a more striking look, choose shorter table runners, adding contrast and more casual appeal. This way you can show the generous surface of the dining table.

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The intricate pattern or design will also be visible to your guests. In this case, you have to choose the runner that is significantly shorter than the table length. It is an ideal option for those who love lighting candles. The fabric will keep the wax from touching the surface or you can opt for a t-light holder for a more beautiful look.

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Widthwise Wide

Do you wish to add a more casual and chic appeal to the dining area? Shorter runners are best for this purpose. They create a sense of harmony and visual unity across the dining table. Placing widthwise also eliminates the need for placemats.

This style is also ideal for those who have a long desk. The runners will give a designated space to everyone to sit and enjoy a hearty meal together. Style up the area with decor items, vases, t-light holders and more.


Tablecloth is a Must

A minimalistic look can be achieved when both a runner and coordinating tablecloth is used. A few decorations will further enhance the beauty of the space. You can make things more interesting by opting for these two items in contrasting colours and patterns. It will help you to make your table stand out. However, make sure the length or width is the same to bring an equal overhang.

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Get Creative

The most amazing thing about home décor products is that it allows you to get creative. You can show your unique sense of style. Place the table runners in contrast or matching colour in ‘X’ shape. This design works fantastically for round tables. You can place a vase in the centre of the ‘X’ to enhance its visual appeal.

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However, make sure whatever centrepiece you are choosing is large enough to be placed in the centre. A small item will fail to create an impact. A floral arrangement is usually the best choice. 

All excited to give these options a try? Start making your collection of table fabrics from and you will leave no occasion to experiment with a new style.

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