Did you know that a person making candles is known as Chandler?

A candle is perpetually similar to a guiding light that evades darkness. Entire focus in the dim-lit room or a darkroom shifts to the candle. We feel the warmth of the wick of the candle in the gloom of night and sometimes day.

Most of the candles present at online store and offline are produce of different kinds of waxes. Some of the wax utilized are – paraffin wax, Soy Wax and Palm Wax.

Various types of waxes produce distinct throw of smells, with Soy Wax being on the greater side of fragrance throw and retention. The wax is non-toxic and therefore doesn’t interfere with the natural burning smell of burning.

As per the Proustian memory effect, the recollections of fragrances have had long-lasting impacts and are more specific than memories generated from other senses. It is the science and also the art behind the correlation of smell and memories.

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A part of this is because reminiscences evoked by smells are often happy memories we enjoy reliving—think of the perfume on your mothers’ clothes or the night jasmine growing in your garden. We are all mentally and emotionally wired to connect memories and emotions with a sense of smell.

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The Soy Wax is derived from the nature-based soya-bean oil and therefore is one of the most natural waxes possible. The process of making natural soy wax can be a little long but it could also be one of the best remedies to calm your olfactory nerves with its therapeutic smell.

Natural soy wax candles make the candles more fragrant because of their strong scent throw and lasting sense. Ellementry has a range of Soy wax candles in fashion and style. One thing that remains the same is the uniqueness and the quality. Additionally, all the candles are handmade and are 100% natural.

Some of the soy wax candles available with ellementry are:

Vanilla & lavender natural soy wax ceramic jar with a wooden lid (1 wick)

This is an ellementry special candle wax. It doesn’t release any toxins in the air, making it eco-friendly. This candle comes in a chic handmade ceramic vase with a wooden cover.

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Once the candle is over, the jar may be used for keeping other knick-knacks. Its soothing scent makes it very popular for gifting too. It is multipurpose as once the candle gets over, one can use the jar for keeping knick-knacks. The product is a union between two natural products as wax and wood.

Mint eucalyptus natural soy wax glass jar with a wooden lid (1 wick)

This natural soy wax candle is fully sustainable. It provides a clean burn with only fragrance released into the air. This non-toxic candle comes in a clean glass jar with a wooden lid. This can make for a wonderful yet valuable gift for your loved ones. The clean Soy glass jar may find its rightful place in your household after the candle has been used.

Soy wax candles find their usefulness in numerous ways as calming your nerves after a long, sweaty day. They may be just perfect for personal celebrations such as anniversary – candlelight dinners. These candles are unique as they are handmade. The ellementry candles are nature friendly and come in different hues and textures.

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Wax candles are increasingly used for gifting purposes. The ellementry Soy wax candles make for one of the best gifting ideas when buying wedding gifts online. The hand-poured natural Soy wax relaxes your mind and attaches beautiful remembrances to it.

When you gift candles, you also gift memories that the receiver is going to make in the future. So, the present is being used to add to the festivities of the household and personal lives. At the end of the day.

A candle is a symbol of goodness, hope and focus. They had been lightening our lives since 500 BC – they’ve found their places in the chandeliers in European antiquities. The earliest of the candles alive today are from 200 BC from Han China.

It was much before the inventions of sophisticated appliances to produce light hence wax candles are here to stay to brighten up our lives!

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