Organizing a party, acting as a host, and taking care of all those who are invited is not an easy task. While being a hostess requires a call for action at every step, certain unwritten rules go for the guests invited. These rules also termed as ‘Etiquettes’ and are taken quite seriously across the globe. One such unwritten but “never to miss” rule is carrying some gift for the hostess to show your gratitude for being invited. This article will focus on some of the Must follow hostess gift etiquettes which, if followed, will eliminate any ‘awkward moments’ in a party along with some options that can be used if you are planning to attend a party anytime soon.

Let’s start with the basics of some of the Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow if you are invited to a party.

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  • A gift that can be used during any future parties is great.
  • Avoid flowers as the hostess might have planned every detail and flowers won’t be appreciated much.
  • Always use easy to tear gift papers and never pack it too tight or with too many layers. Your gift is already a surprise, and there is no need to build it up much.
  • Giving a gift that can engage the guests while the hostess takes care of other things is a huge hit.
  • Understand your relationship nature with the hostess before giving any gift


  • Never gift anything too complicated that needs to be put together every time it’s used.
  • Never gift anything that involves meals or eating unless specifically asked as the hostess will take care of small details, and your dish might ruin the whole palette for the evening.
  • Never expect or insist on using the gift that very moment as it might not go with the ideas for the evening and might end up ruining it.
  • If your gifted eatables are being served, always pick it up at the end and never first.

Let’s now take a look at various occasions where a party is thrown and take an insight into some of the ‘gifts for the hostess.’

  1. Dinner get-togethers

It’s that part of the day when most of the people are relaxed and unwind by mingling with each other? Dinner parties often end by making plans for another dinner party, possibly with a different host. Now gifting at such a party might become a nuisance as everything is prearranged. Even though a bottle of wine or champagne was a norm and still is, there will be many who will gift that. To make your gift stand out, it has to be special. One of the best options to gift a hostess for her dinner parties can be a Rose gold metal salad set from Elllementry. This elegantly designed salad set is in the form of two salad servers that are intricately designed and stand as classy as well as ergonomic. Designed with stainless steel, these have stood the tests of time and works perfectly with any salad dressing without damaging the base.  

  • Holiday celebratory parties

Holidays are that time of the year when every party casts a spell of joy, merriment, and celebration, making everyone dance, sing or celebrate with smiles and joy. As such, bringing the hostess the right gift is very important as the hostess has managed to make your holidays special. For gifting for holiday parties where a major portion of the time goes away in munching and catching up, one special mention goes to a teakwood cheese board or platter from Ellementry. This platter is made of teak wood and adds a touch of glam to the whole setting. Giving a rustic finish against any kind of backdrop, this is one of the safest gifts to give, and you will never get it wrong.

Pajama parties or overnight stays

Pajama parties are much looked forward to as it’s a time of gossip, games, talks, and a lot of fun. At such gifting, the perfect gift is very important as the hostess is sharing her living space with you, which means a lot to her. Thus, a gift which may mean a lot to her might be the right way to thank her. Don’t worry; we have the perfect gift for that- The cocktail shaker from Ellementry. This copper metal cocktail shaker calls for a night of celebration with chilled Margheritas and cocktails lined up to make the night fun and last longer. This shaker is a mix of metal and wood exhibiting a fine sassiness and class.

  • Housewarming gift

A housewarming gift should be chosen wisely as it’s a very auspicious occasion, and you being invited is a very warm gesture from the hostess. Therefore, it is important not to mess it up with the wrong choices. Having your own house is a very receptive feeling, and your relationship with the hostess should be considered before buying a gift. One of the perfect options for a housewarming party can be a Gunmetal pendant lamp that the hostess can set up in her favorite corner. This pendant lamp from Ellementry is made of metal, ensuring long-lasting feature and easy to maintain. Every time she switches on the pedant lamp, she will remember you, which in itself is a very precious feeling.

  • Gifting your in-laws or someone close yet respectable

This is a very bad place to be as it’s going to be a lifetime of a reminder if gone wrong. These delicate moments call for some best gifts for gifting options. Avoid giving something heavy as they wouldn’t like it to be moved around or will hate if inconvenient to carry. One of the great options to gift in such situations could be ‘Jharoka Lantern.’ This beautifully designed lantern is a blend of Eco mix of newspaper, glue, and foam that is environmentally safe and gives a very traditional touch to the whole setting. With the white outline and delicate carvings, this gift will be perceived as a very thoughtful gift.

  • After party dinners

There is a very thin line between feeling gratitude and showing it. Gifting the hostess something to cherish is a way of showing gratitude and should be taken seriously. But as always, getting the right gift is an overwhelming feeling as you feel suffocated with the choices they offer at the market. But one of the gifts that can be perfect for this occasion can be – Matt silver metal wine cooler with handle. This ergonomic and everlasting gift is a perfect option for those after-party hours where only the special ones stay back and enjoy a glass of chilled wine or champagne over talks. The handle on it, allows it to be carried around to a convenient spot easily without using both of your hands.

Going to the market and getting something at the last minute can go hugely wrong with you buying all the wrong gifts for the right reasons leading to a disaster. The gifts mentioned in this article are from Ellementry as we offer some of the finest and rare pieces of homeware products allowing you to gift something rare and worth cherishing. Our products connect at an emotional level as they are made thoughtfully and keeping the environment in mind. Our collection range is delicate yet durable and classy yet adds a rustic touch to many homes. If you are planning to buy something for a part as a gift, it’s will be great to check out our products at

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