Your porch is the first area that comes to notice. Anyone visiting your abode or walking past it can have a peek. The same goes for the balcony. It is that space where you can spend some cosy or refreshing time early in the morning or after a long day at work.

So, it makes complete sense to decorate these areas in the most tasteful manner. When such spaces are equipped with the best decor items and other products, the appeal of these spaces will enhance multi-folds.

The best option for this job is planters. However, getting the right inspiration or using it systematically can be a daunting task for many. Ellementary understands this social dilemma and brings to you the best planters that can elevate the space.

Balcony gardens are a dream come true for people who love to be surrounded by Mother Nature, but their accommodation lacks a garden. As far as the front porch is concerned, a lot of people must be visiting your home.

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Even if you receive a selective guest, there is no way that you can overlook yourself. You come back home every single day after work or running certain errands. The house must look welcoming from the very first step, and that step is your porch.

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Leaving it bare is something that you must not settle on. An assortment of planter pots is one of the easiest ways to dress up any space.

Whether you choose classic terracotta pots or dramatic ceramic planters, Ellementry has an impressive collection that you can bring abode to give your porch and balcony an appeal that is second to none.

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As we are straight into the summer season, sun-loving flowers and plants can grace these areas of your beautiful residence. Listed below are some ideas that we are too excited to share with you.

They are perfect to bring in some drama, height, texture, colour and more to the selected areas in a fashionable way.

  1. The very first thing that you can do to beautify your balcony is to place some chairs or an outdoor sofa (only if you have enough room for it, as you can always go with folding chairs as well) and then place the planters around it. Keep a table to make the teravak embossed planter sit on it. You can also hang them to the ceiling or railing to add more and more plants. Another great idea is to choose plants that have vines as they grow fast. You can place a few planters on the side and cover the wall or railing with the vines for a green background.
  2. If your home has a big gate out front and a path leads to the porch, you have a secured area to try another arrangement. Place a rustic stand or table on one side of the door. Place a few decor plants on it or a single tall planter for an elevated look. If the area looks plain and simple, add few more pots on the floor to make a nice little green corner. The moment anyone reaches your door, they will be filled with nature’s vitality. The calming and welcoming embrace makes everyone feel cherished.
  3. Many people these days have hanging seating in their balcony area as it doesn’t consume a lot of space. Make that corner nature’s paradise by planting your favourite seeds in the planter pots. Go with neutral shaded planters, as you can always showcase your creativity through them. They are easy to match any decor or colour theme. If you have kids in the house or other members who are creative, get them painting the pots. It will be a fun exercise for the entire family, bringing you all a little more closer.
  4. Are you someone who enjoys a nice cup of coffee or wine on your balcony? Then you must be having a chair and a table to give you more comfort. Utilize that table to place a single planter pot. You can watch your plant or flowers grow little every day. It will fill your heart with peace and calmness. Your day will always start and end on the right, meaningful note.

Decorating the desired spaces with pots isn’t as daunting as it looks. When you choose neutral shades, be sure that they will gel well with any type of décor theme. Plants have such power that they make every room look fantastic the moment they are added to it. So, go and shop for stunning planter pots on

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