Mornings start with hot tea or coffee. It is the best way to feel fresh, and give a kick start to the busy day. You might be a coffee lover or tea fanatic, your cup gets the attention. Have you felt that drinking from your own mug adds to the flavor? Yes, more than 60% of people are emotionally attached to their mugs. Sipping the hot beverage from your mug is what you would crave for when you travel. Isn’t it quite interesting that the mugs matter a lot? What triggers the emotional attachment with mugs? Get the answers here.

  1. Sense of ownership

A survey has brought home the fact; more than 1/6th of the people were angry when their mugs were used by others. This feeling of ownership or possession creates a bond between you and your mug. To some extent, your mug defines you. Especially, if you own a custom mug with logos, quotes or designs, the mug is nothing but a reflection of your thoughts. When you were looking for mugs to buy, you searched with your heart and soul. In such cases, it is quite natural to overestimate the quality of the mug when you feel you own the mug. In other words, people find a part of their soul associated with their mugs.

  1. It’s a part of your routine:

Most people start the day with a hot cup of tea or coffee. A few would love to get to bed with the hot chocolate. Either way, your mug is how you spend the most important minutes of the day. You greet the morning or bid bye to it, with the sense of warmth in your hands. It is usual to feel the taste augments when you drink from your own mug. At least 10% of it can be contributed to the emotions connected with the mug. This holds true even if you different mugs for your mornings and nights.

  1. The mugs become a part of you:

Slowly from being a part of your everyday routine, the coffee mugs or tea mugs grow to be a part of you. Experiments on the endowment effects by scientists have proven a fascinating fact. When you find a mug similar to the one you have at home, you would actually end up getting it, even at a higher price. You get attached to the twin mug too. The emotional attachment with mugs gradually grows from your own mug to the twin mug. And it doesn’t hurt to own a couple of the awesome polka dots tall mug from Ellementry. This is one of the reasons your search for mugs to buy can end at Ellementry.

  1. It lets you cherish your memories:

Strong emotions are often attached to inanimate objects. Especially, if they are gifts from your loved ones. It still kindles the fond memories, even the friend or colleague does not keep in touch currently. When you lift the mug and try to imagine the fond old memories, the emotions flow through. The tranquil feeling and security it offers are peerless. It makes you feel good. In fact, it is not only the feeling of ownership that makes your cups or mugs special. Have you ever felt the same with your fork or spoons? Nope. The sense of being attached to someone can make your mug more special if it is a gift. Even if it is not a gift, you can still feel it giving you a gush of good feelings. This is because your mug would carry your thoughts in the form of logos or designs.

  1. It acts as a good stress-buster:

What do you do to come out to the messy part of the day when you get back home? A hot shower and a hot mug of coffee, tea or something else, must be the thoughts rushing to your mind. It is not without a reason. Yale and Colorado Universities have come up with results from the surveys to support your love for your own mugs. They state, holding even hot water in your mug lets you enjoy positive vibes. You feel the gush of positive thoughts when holding your mug. It is akin to the hot bath after a tedious day. Even without your knowledge, you get close to the mug and it starts comforting you. It invokes optimistic contemplations and makes you feel better.

  1. Reminds you of home:

Mugs can be travel friendly too. The morning ritual of brewing your favorite beverage, and sipping it slowly is how you wake up the senses early in the morning. Your evenings are filled with relaxed teas with the favorite mug. It is quite easy to carry your favorite mug while you are away. Sipping your coffee or tea from the same mug will help you get out of homesickness. It reminds your cherished moments of affectionate conversations with your loved ones back home. In fact, when you carry one of the mugs of the pack of 2, you will feel connected to your partner, who is far off. Try the converse coffee mug set of 2 from Ellementry to experience it, while staying away from home.

  1. It stays with you:

It gives a strong connection between friends and memories. Your mugs are irreplaceable. Even when you do not work in the same place, or not in your school, where you got the mug as a gift, they stay to remind you of the old charm. The vibes you get from drinking the coffee or tea from your own mug lingers as your protective charm for the day. Many would acknowledge that drinking from a different mug is not satiating.

Your mug, after all, holds within what you love. Tea, coffee, water or any drink you start your day with. It is a personal connection that makes you enjoy and savour the drink to the fullest. The emotional attachment with mugs comes with this personal connection. It is the endowment theory that comes to play a role. Additionally, the mugs are of colors, shapes and shades you would find amazing. Ellementry hosts a collection of mugs that are awesome. Try them yourself, or give gifts to your loved ones, and enjoy the strong connection.

Do you have a favorite mug, or wish to buy a new one? Share your thoughts with us.

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