Tea is a beverage that is very popular all over the world especially in commonwealth countries, China and England where it is primarily known as a beverage that is had between the afternoon and the evening. There is a meal that is designed and dedicated around this beverage during this time of the day and it is called High Tea. This High Tea is a meal taken in the late afternoon or early evening and includes cooked meals, sandwiches, and tea. It is generally eaten at the tea table and the high tea event can be organized indoors or outdoors. It is usually a party and the best china and cutlery are used for the event as it is considered a posh event in society. The following are tips to organize high tea events:

Tips to Organize High Tea Events

Invitations for the Event

The first step to organize a high-tea event is to make a guest list and invite people for this event. High Tea events are very classy events and the invitations usually represent this as the design is feminine with a pastel colour scheme. Delicate floral designs and styles are used to make such invitations and usually the words “high tea” is marked in bold to describe the event. The name of the host, the address and the date and time of the event are also printed on such invitations. These invitations usually have teacups and kettles on the invitation in a beautiful design.

Decorations for the Event

The pastel theme is even present in the decorations of the party and there are many types of decorations that can be used for such a party. Fresh colourful flowers have been historically used in High Tea events and beautiful fresh flowers add brightness to the décor. Flowers should work well with the tea sets and match the table settings when used as decoration for such events. High Tea décor also includes party balloon banners, place cards, types of showpieces and vases for the flowers. There are different types of decoration items available at top online stores like Ellementry.

Table Linen for the Event

An essential aspect of High Tea is the table linen that is needed to be put on table and chairs used for such events. The table linen is needed to organize a high tea event. There are different types of table cloths, table covers, napkins, placemats, centrepiece table runners, and other pieces of cloth and linen that is needed to organize such events. For preparing the food, linen-like aprons and mitts are needed as there are many baked foods at a High Tea event.

Tableware Utensils

There are different types of tableware utensils that are needed for such a posh party. These utensils and cutlery items are available online at top stores like Ellementry. This includes sets of spoons, forks, knives, toothpicks, drinking straws and other types of cutlery items. These items depend on the type of food that is served at these types of parties and can also include specialized cutlery items depending on the food at the party. This means that high tea events can also need special knives and spoons for soup, tongs for sugar and also pastry forks for pastry or sugar.

Tiered Trays and High Tea Utensils

One of the most commonly used serving dishes at High Tea events includes the famous tiered trays. These are trays which are usually circular trays like plates that are placed on a vertical tray stand where trays can be placed in a tiered way on the table. High Tea utensils also include butter dishes, milk pots, jugs and pitchers, food platters, gravy or sauce boats, salt and pepper shakers, plates, trays, and salad dishes and bowls. The type of serving utensils depends on the menu of the High Tea party and these utensils can be bought online at Ellementry which is a leading online store that offers customers different types of serve ware utensils.

Tea Sets 

The main cutlery used in high tea events is the tea sets which are needed to serve tea at such events. Different types of cutlery are part of the tea sets and they are either sold as a complete set or can be sold individually in stores and also online. The components of tea sets include teapots, teacups and saucers, tea strainers, tea trays, tea balls, tea bags, tea caddies and tea cozies. These tea set components are available in different styles and designs and pastel prints on a white background are very popular in tea sets.

Colour Scheme for High Tea

To organize a high-tea event it is important to look at the décor and also decide on a colour scheme for the party. Many colour combinations work well and it is a smart choice to understand the colour schemes and palettes that work well together at such parties before setting up the tables and decorating for the event. Some of the colour palettes and schemes that work include shades of yellow, copper, pink, orange, green, blue, and various shades of lilac and lavender.  Lilac and lavender are top choices and the base colour for high tea events is often shades of white.

Setting the Table

One of the key aspects of organizing the high tea event is to set up the tables effectively and properly. This includes setting tablecloths and placemats, setting the napkins and table runners, setting up the serving dishes with food, setting up the tea sets, and then at the end setting up the spoons, forks, and knives and also setting up the plates. Setting the table also includes setting up centrepieces and it is always a good idea to decorate the table with colourful and non- fragrant flowers.

Types of Food Served at High Tea

One of the main aspects to consider when hosts organize a high tea-event is to manage the food. High Tea is not just about tea but there are many different types of food items that are part of the menu at such parties. There are many elegant and scrumptious recipes and dishes that work well with these parties. Some of the popular dishes include scones, different types of cakes, cakes with seasonal food, meringues, tarts, tartlets, crumpets, macaroons, lamingtons, and other types of pastries that work well with tea. If also includes savoury items like cucumber sandwiches, egg and lettuce sandwiches, bagels, club sandwiches, quiches, chicken salads, savoury tartlets, cherry tomato tarts, and other cheeses snack items.

It takes proper planning to host a High Tea party as there are many components to this type of party. It requires sending out invitations, buying ingredients for food or sending out a catering order for high tea food, and it also requires buying serving tableware, table linen, and utensils from top sites like Ellementry. It is a good idea to plan such a party at least a couple of weeks in advance and decide on the theme, décor, menu and other details of the party early.

The above-mentioned tips for organizing a high tea event will help hosts get a general idea about what is expected from such a party. It will help hosts plan a great high tea event which can be a success if it is planned well, keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips.

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