Going as per the results of a recent study, a well-decorated table and beautiful tablecloth make your food much tastier. Decorating your dining table with fancy tableware is fine, but the look gets completed with the right matching tablecloth. At Ellementry, you can find some beautiful handmade linen cloth to add charm to your table setting.

Not only does the linen cloth add style to any mealtime, but these also affect our perception towards the food. It can make a dull dish look bright and ready to be consumed. A small terrace lunch, picnics in backyards, formal dinners will look more elegant when set with a clean, beautiful linen tablecloth.

The best quality table linens are those which are highly absorbent and long-lasting. They are super easy to wash and absorb all kinds of the spill. For all our food bloggers out there, linen gives the most amazing insta pictures. The material gets better after every wash. 

While choosing the linen for your table, make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm but complement the table decor. Table linen gives a polished yet informal look to any table. Even the most mundane meal of the day feels special with beautiful table linen.

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Presenting some beautiful linen for your table from an exclusive brand dedicated to giving you handcrafted, nature-friendly kitchen linen items:

Teal blue border 100% cotton placement 

Can you imagine having a fancy, antique table covered with an ordinary-looking table cloth? No, right! Something as special as an extra-ordinary table deserves one of a kind table cloth as well. Teal blue border 100% cotton placement by Ellementry is perfect for the purpose.

It enhances the overall look. It is made from is 100% cotton cloth. It saves the table surface from water marks, food stains, and heat damage. For all our precious clients who have an eye for attention to detail, the aqua colour border not only makes the cloth look beautiful but also serves as a mark to keep the dinner plate at the same place. Pair it with another complementary piece of this collection and complete your dining look.

Tropical paradise linen table runner 

This table runner gives a very traditional look by its design. It is handmade and specially made for you. The beautiful table runner is capable enough to absorb all kinds of spills.

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The cloth is highly durable, and with every wash, it only gets stronger. The little chandelier hanging at the end gives it a very authentic look. It is perfect for use at all kinds of meals and gatherings. The cloth is easy to handle and clean. These table runners are also a good choice for gifting someone at their house warming party.

Waffle blue kitchen apron 

Sometimes the Picasso hidden inside us comes out while cooking. Spills and stains are very natural in such a case. Those oil and spice stains are hard to get rid of. In order to avoid them, an apron is necessary. An ordinary apron wouldn’t go with your and your kitchen’s personality.

Cotton aprons by Ellementary are beautiful and only add to your personality. A cook must look like a cook. And it is incomplete without an apron. This apron provides protection again the splashes of curry on you. These are very easy to clean. Buy the kitchen napkin set of two of the same collection to complete the look. 

Aksa blue 100% cotton napkin set of 6

It’s easy to lose focus on table manners when food served is enormously delicious. Curry on stains on pants is common in this situation. To avoid embarrassing curry stains, it is better to avoid them.

Place a napkin on your nap and you are good to go. These beautiful napkins will compliment your dishes, cutlery, and table décor. Place it on the table or your lap. Either way, it is going to make everything look amazing.

Make every party more lively and elegant with the beautiful collection of table linen by Ellementry. Select anyone you want. Each will add elegance to the whole dining ambiance. All of them are handmade and 100% nature friendly.

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