According to our Indian culture, an ideal kitchen is the one that is always stuffed with everything. The house maker of the family prepares a monthly grocery list. Everything is bought in bulk all at once. So this decision of bringing everything in advance requires proper storage or else they stale.

This calls for suitable food containers for keeping everything safe and fresh for a long. While there are millions of options available in the market, you must always go for food-friendly material. Ellementry will give you a wide range of exquisite and sustainable jars to escalate your storage game with style.

Both vegetables and other food items need pantry and canisters of different sizes and shapes. There are cans of several materials that are available both online and offline in abundance. They lure you with their comparatively lesser price and shiny design.

What you don’t know is that they harm your food. They do more harm than good. Other than being the carrier of toxic elements, these non-biodegradable jars are highly prone to stains and are not microwave friendly as well.

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Not only on your health, but they have a huge negative impact on the environment as well. They do not dissolve in soil and hence take years to recycle. It’s is always better to choose items that are nature-friendly, beautiful to look at and affordable. If you are wondering which product to go for then, here are some of the natural ingredients that serve the eco-friendly purpose. E.g.

Glass: It is the best alternative for harmful material. They look good on shelves and serve their purpose for several years.

Ceramic: This is also one of the most preferred options of nature lovers. Ceramic articles are put together from heating clay at a high temperature.

Cotton drawstring bags: These drawstring cotton bags are the best to store veggies and fruits. They are very pocket-friendly and sort all your celery very conveniently. The advantage of getting yourself one of these is that they are machine friendly. They get better and better after every wash.

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Wood: These are in trend nowadays. The polished ones will take your kitchen’s decor to another level.

All of these are 100% safe for all edible items. They will serve their purpose seamlessly. Here are some options that you can bring home without any second thought.

Apple & pear glass jar set of 2

These jars are appropriate to store nuts, candies, and cookies. The quirky apple and pear-shaped glass jars will call you from a far distance without even trying. These will look so good sitting in the middle of the dining table.

Both of them will grab the attention of every visitor and will make them want one for themselves. The glass jars and wooden lid do not harm the environment and keep your kitchen’s decor to the point.

Rice storage barrel with wooden lid

Rice is one of many things that come in bulk. How would you think it would look if you keep them open on your cookhouse’s slab? Bad, right! Give it the relevant storage canister and take your organizing skill to a higher level.

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Strong enough to store up to 5 kg, this barrel will upscale your entire storage cabinet’s look. The wooden lid with silicon makes it an airtight container; this way rice remains safe from worms and fresh for a longer time. If you are worrying that it would be difficult to clean them, then do not worry. They are easy to handle. A little warm water, mild soap and sponge work will work wonder on it.

Allora glass jar

Perfect to store tea and coffee, this glass storage jar with a wooden lid and a spoon are perfect for everyday essentials. It will sit pretty on your cabinet and shelf.

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Do not worry about losing the wooden spoon that comes with it. The jar has a loop on its side. It will fit effortlessly in it.

All these earth-friendly organizers will give you an eye-pleasing storing solution. They are convenient and appropriate to store anything and everything. Items will be easily accessible as they will shine brightly from the glass.

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