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A well-organised kitchen is a sign of a proud home-maker. One who likes everything in its right place and the place to be done up beautifully. For what goes where, matters to them the most. They know that getting their storage right begins with picking out the best kitchen jars. At ellementry, we have ceramic storage jars and glass storage jars. Glass is completely food-safe and never enters anything that it stores. A glass jar with wooden lid is an airtight storage jar and keeps what you store sealed in. The ribbed glass storage jars are given that unique design to give you a better grip at them. There are frosted glass jars that not only store what you want them to but also become decor pieces. Our ceramic storage jars are painted and glazed by hands, the latter ensures that they're entirely food-safe. Coming from different collections, these ceramic storage jars come in various shades for many moods. The ceramic jars with wooden lid seal in anything that you store. Buy ceramic jars online or glass jars online at ellementry.com.

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