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Fiore Ceramic Serving Bowl
Fiore Ceramic Thali
Fiore Ceramic Jar Large

At Ellementry, good design isn’t a privilege; it is customary as the brand believes in the unity of form and function-driven by its Six pillars. It’s not just about products, but providing inspiration for refined and comfortable living. Ellementry takes this philosophy of simple luxury to a new level with its ‘Fiore Collection’. In the way towns come up in bursts to how houses are painted in villages, the closer you get to the heart of a place, you’ll find art forms that are passed down and honed over generations. Our artists bring alive the timeless beauty of handmade art forms with our lovely hand-painted ceramic ‘Fiore Collection’. Much like the hint of the blue after a cloudy day, nature inspires us with its beautiful details. With that being said, the key to a memorable party is in a subtle touch of beauty. So, explore our ‘Fiore’ collection in ceramic. The hand-painted blue floral motifs on rustic egg-shell white will definitely mark an impression of nature on your guests.

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Product Name Price
Fiore Ceramic Dinner Plate 890
Fiore Ceramic Mug Set of Two 890
Fiore Ceramic Snack Plate (Set of 4) 1490
Fiore Ceramic Nut Bowl 350
Fiore Ceramic Thali 2390

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Products Name Price
Fiore Ceramic Serving Bowl 1490
Fiore Ceramic Condiment Set 1090
Fiore Ceramic Mug 490
Fiore Ceramic Jar Small 790
Fiore Ceramic Dinner Plate 890

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