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We all like a bottle of wine or champagne cold and our drinks filled with ice cubes. Now to have a cold drink, ice is arguably the essential ingredient. It may seem a bit odd, but it is a fact that most of the bar drinks require ice in one form or another. So, having ice on hand is crucial for a home bar as ice not only chills beverages, but as it melts or is shaken, it becomes a part of the mix. Now to put ice cubes into the drink, ice tong comes into the picture. Ellementry has metal ice tongs that not just make taking out ice convenient from the ice bucket but also makes it stylish. Buy ice tong online from here as having ice close by is a matter of comfort and convenience, and highly functional. These ice tongs grasp ice firmly with side handle support. These ice tongs at ellementry are perfect for small parties or home bar. This glossy silver metal ice-tong online is the ideal companion of ice. The silver metal adds a dash of dazzle to any table it rests on.