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One will agree that nothing can be more annoying than having a piece of food stuck between the teeth. It will attract all your attention, and you will first try to use your tongue to get that piece of food away, but its soft tip won't be that effective in doing the job. Sucking that mole of food can be some time productive but not always work. You try to use the finger, but just like the tongue, even that is helpless due to being too blunt and big for the task. So finally, the thing that comes to your rescue is the humble wooden toothpick. Well, such an essential tiny piece of wood need to be placed nicely. But, often toothpick holders are liked for their utility but rarely for their aesthetics. But at Ellementry you will find toothpick holders not just functional but beautiful too. It gives due respect to the toothpick by handcrafting toothpick holder in a shape of clove. It will look pretty on your dinner table and comes handy just after dinner.