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Teravak Embossed Planter (Short)
Ort Ceramic Planter (Short)
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Midnight Terracotta Vase (Short)
Midnight Terracotta Vase (Tall)
Calm Face Ceramic Sculpture
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Aqua Rustic Ceramic Minikin(small)
Frangipani Wooden Candle Holder (Large)
Frangipani Wooden Candle Holder (Small)
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Jharoka lantern
Attar Blue Wax Filled Glass Bowl
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Attar Grey Wax Filled Glass Bowl
Mozaic Grey Wax Filled Glass Votive
Mozaic Blue Wax Filled Glass Votive
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AuraMaroon Wax Filled Glass Votive
Mozaic Gold Wax Filled Glass Votive
Tinsel Green Wax Filled Glass Bowl


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