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Ceramic Bakeware Ramekin

Ramekins are perfect for single-serve dishes like a baked custard, mishti doi or a gooey chocolate mousse. Or you could fill them up with mixed nuts and place them around the house so everyone gets a handful of healthy snacks every time they get the munchies!

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Sienna Terracotta Baking Dish


Ellementry ramekins are made of high-quality ceramic, and it is used for single serve cooking and serving various dishes. Ellementry is a brand specialising in creating these wonderful baking dishes, keeping in mind environmental safety and culture revival.

The ramekin fulfils huge variety of cooking needs. The thickness and body of this dish is ideal for preparing comfort food. The unique shape is used for serving hot or cold dessert.

This small glazed ceramic bowl designed to withstand high temperatures, especially for baking purposes. 

Traditional ramekins are round and white with a fluted exterior and thin interior lip. Interesting shapes make the process more entertaining.

Benefits for Ramekins

  • Stylish and durable –Ellementry ramekin is heat-resistant and therefore best for making cupcakes, souffle, muffins,julienne, single-serve pudding, etc. Delicate ingredients can be placed in it and served. Best for bakeware.
  • Simple to clean – each type of ramekin is made of high-quality and durable ceramic material. It has a gentle glaze with a brilliant shine and robust functionality.
  • Single Serve- Their other perfect use is for baking individual desserts, as they offer built-in portion control.
  • Multi tasking- Ramekins are also perfect for presenting serving side dips , sauces on a table. Best for serving fruit like cheeries, berries or even pomegranate in a ramekin.
  • Portion control- When it comes to portion control, ramekins are a good option. Instead of using a cereal bowl, try putting some ice cream in a ramekin. It will satisfy your appetite while also preventing you from consuming more calories.

Usage of Ramakins

Ramekins are also useful as little serving trays or platters for fruits and vegetables. Take pleasure in your berries in a ramekin. Not to mention machos night, which is a must! Nachos dip should be placed in ramekins for your party! The truth is that a ramekin may be used to hold just about any condiment, sauce, dip, or topping.

When creating a recipe, you can even utilise ramekins to aid you in the preparation process. Using a ramekin, measure out each of your ingredients and add them to the order they are called for. There are numerous advantages and applications for ramekins. Take a look at ellementry.com and ellementry blogs to know more about food-safe kitchenware and serveware products.

Ellementry ramekins are microwaveable, making them safe to use in the oven and in the microwave. White-glazed ramekins are conventional, but you can choose from an abundance of coloured, non-toxic glazes to customise your design. Ramekin is very good for making single-serving desserts like custards and Crème Brulee.  


If you are looking to buy the ramekins for a cooking class or baking ceremony, this is a great investment. They are very easy to clean and requires some simple rinse under cold water. They are a good alternative for single-serving dishes and even as chip n dip bowls, single-serving bowl. Find many unique handmade bakeware dishes and homeware products at ellementry

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