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natural terracotta curd setter
Round Natural Terracotta Curd Setter

We have inherited recipes from our grandmothers but to get the same taste; we need to start using the same kind of utensils too. For instance, curd set in a steel container can never match the flavour and richness of curd set in a terracotta vessel. The earthy flavour of the clay pot gives the curd a whole new accent. At ellementry, we have handcrafted terracotta curd setters. Clay being porous can absorb water; therefore, when you make yoghurt in clay pots, the clay absorbs the excess water, and so the yoghurt is much thicker and creamier. Any other container can never match this characteristic of terracotta. Buy terracotta curd setter online from here to set your curd at home. These are 100% food-safe curd setters as per international standards. Clay helps keep the culture of the curd at the right temperature for it to grow successfully. These unique curd setter online helps in cutting down the sourness of curd as it is made of clay which is alkaline in nature; therefore, it can balance out the acidity of the yoghurt to a large extent.

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