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Knurl Terracotta Curd Setter with Wooden Lid(Small)
Best Seller
terracotta curd setter with wooden lid- small
Knurl Terracotta Curd Setter(Small)

Curd Setter

Curd Setter from ellementry not only aids in the formation of a thick and nutritious curd, but it is also an important component of sustainable development, which means developing in harmony with nature rather than at the expense of natural resources.

The advantages of utilising a terracotta curd setter

Using a terracotta curd setter not only results in thick curd, but it also has a number of other advantages. These are some of the advantages to be discussed:

  • Organic: Terracotta curd setter is organic, which means it is alkaline and porous, as is the organic terracotta curd setter. The alkaline quality of the water creates the ideal environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria, which are responsible for the process of curd production. The porous quality of the material allows bacteria to ferment at the optimal temperature for their needs. In contrast to utensils made of other materials, there is no need to wrap the curd setter in a warm piece of cloth before using it. It also absorbs any excess water, resulting in a flawlessly thickened curd that not only looks wonderful, but also tastes better than it seems on the surface. Curd prepared in the curd setter contains the highest concentration of probiotics when compared to curd made in other types of equipment made of different materials.
  • Food-safe- Because of its alkaline composition and natural processing, the terracotta curd setter is a food-safe utensil to use. Furthermore, it can be used in baking, and it boosts the nutritional content of either curd or the food that is baked with it. It is possible to store curd in the same curd setter for three to five days without it becoming sour, which is not often the case with utensils manufactured from other materials.

Why Terracotta?

In Indian kitchens, earthenware has traditionally been an integral feature. We all enjoy eating Dum Biryani on a hot day or sipping sweet and refreshing Lassi in kullad. Have you ever wondered what makes them so unique and delectable in comparison to what we cook at home in our standard cookware? It is the receptacle in which they are cooked. Switch to earthenware kitchenware to enjoy the authentic flavour on a daily basis. Ellementry enables you to own and enhance your kitchen's traditional charm with modern clay cookware.

Now, what makes cooking in an earthenware cookware set so unusual? Numerous health benefits could be presented and addressed in this section. To begin with, the clay things demonstrate their adaptability and distinguish themselves from conventional utensils. Food prepared in these cookeries is regarded as more delectable since earthy flavours tend to melt and merge with the lip-smacking flavours of food items.

There are numerous great advantages to cooking with clay pots. The following are the top five:

  • Enhance flavour : Earthen clay cooking utensils are alkaline, which reacts with the acid and minerals in the meal, finally balancing its pH. This property improves the nutritional value of the food and imparts a mystical aroma to it. Iron, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium become abundant in the meal.
  • Beneficial to the heart: We live in an era of balanced diets and active lifestyles. Individuals avoid foods that are high in oil and fat. Clay pots are ideal for non-oily dishes because they use far less oil to cook. It's perfect for slow cooking. It preserves the natural moisture and essential oils found in foods.
  • Maintain the food's inherent nutritional value: These kitchenware sets are porous, allowing heat and moisture to circulate evenly throughout the vessel throughout the cooking process. It preserves the nutritious value for a longer period of time. As a result of this property, dishes served in clay pots, such as meat, are moist and soft.
  • They do not wreak havoc on your wallet: Everybody would agree that clay utensils are really inexpensive. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. Thus, whether you're cooking for two or twenty, clay cookware is always at your disposal.
  • They reintroduce cultural significance to the kitchen: It makes no difference how modern we have become; we always find ways to reconnect with our roots. Earthenware cooking utensils lend an air of tradition to the environment. It would not be incorrect to assert that it also serves to ground you. We take pleasure in our tradition and heritage, and utilising clay-made culinary tools will only enhance them.

Numerous terracotta-made cookware products on the market will help your kitchen stand out. To get the finest of everything, visit Ellementry.com, which features handcrafted things that were created specifically for you.

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