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Trees branch out to give us shade. The moon endures its phases to maintain nature’s balance. Seasons change for a reason too. There is always a reason why certain things are in their place. Because they have a purpose to serve. There is a subtle balance between form and function. And nature has its way of spelling it out. Even the tiniest detail can’t be missed. Everything is interrelated and complement each other. If you take them out of the picture, it disturbs the flow of events. Which is why it’s so important to let things be the way they are meant to be. In nature, in ourselves and even while following certain traditions like setting up a dining table. But a good homemaker will cater to all the details effortlessly, no matter how daunting any task seems. With that being said, you know the reason why certain things belong and are placed where they are on the dining table. While utensils and the special cutlery take the centre stage, napkins always seem to feel left out. Meet our cotton napkin. It not only serves its purpose but looks extremely stylish while it does so. It graces your table with a touch of handmade and is an entirely food-safe napkin too. Find our sustainable table napkin on our website. You can find our table napkin online at www.ellementry.com

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