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silver metal platter- square
1180 1390   Save 210
silver metal platter
1860 2190   Save 330
Pink Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter
4240 4990   Save 750
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Bluish Grey Dolphin Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter
1860 2190   Save 330
Pink Metal Platter with Enamel
2510 2950   Save 440
pink metal-enamel fusion platter- medium
1520 1790   Save 270
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pink metal bowl with enamel
1350 1590   Save 240
sap green fish metal- enamel fusion platter
2540 2990   Save 450
pink waves metal-enamel fusion platter
1950 2290   Save 340
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teal metal-enamel fusion platter- small
840 990   Save 150
pink metal-enamel fusion fruit bowl- small
1350 1590   Save 240
teal metal-enamel fusion fruit bowl- large
3390 3990   Save 600
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silver hammered metal platter
3050 3590   Save 540
silver hammered bowl- large
2190 2590   Save 400
black hammered metal platter
3050 3590   Save 540
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inky coral metal napkin ring
495 590   Save 95
grey rectangle metal napkin ring
antique silver metal napkin ring


The dinner table is the place where the entire family meets and has food together at least once during the day. The visual appearance of dinnerware, cutlery, drinkware, accessories, linen and serve ware plays a vital role in uplifting the aesthetic value of the dinner table and overall presentation of the food served. Our dinnerware is food-safe as per international standards. Our tableware set can be used in both informal and formal dining situations. Our sustainable tableware is earthy and subtle and has a contemporary touch as well. Our serve ware consists of beautiful and food-safe wooden, ceramic and metal enamel bowls. Our cutlery sets are versatile enough for any occasion and even fits like a charm into your everyday. These sets are all set for many meals to come. Our drinkware consists of an aesthetically appealing bottle, carafe, jug, tumbler and beautiful water dispenser. Our handmade tableware accessories have unique and thoughtful products that will simply uplift the look of your dinner table. What better way to display your culinary delights than on our linen. This category includes products like the handcrafted linen placemat, table runner, table cover and napkin.

Tableware Products with Price

Tableware Products Products Name Price
silver brass napkin ring-oval 390
sap green metal-enamel fusion platter 4240
pink metal-enamel fusion fruit bowl- large 3390
Mango Salad Spoon Set Of 2 Natural 990
teal metal-enamel fusion platter 4240

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