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Roti Box

(5 items)

Roti Box

When it comes to Indian cooking, we can't think of it without roti or chapathi. It is one of the most indispensable parts of Indian food, the best source of soluble fibre. It has complex carbohydrates that give you sustained energy for hours. One can make roties or chapatis more nutritious by adding ragi, soya bean flour, chickpea flour, millet to the wheat flour. Now such a good source of energy shouldn't be served just in an ordinary serving tray or dish. Therefore Ellementry brings truly timeless handmade roti boxes made of terracotta with wooden lit, wooden roti boxes made of teak wood and mango wood. These roti boxes are well-suited for any situation from formal events to everyday home use. These wooden chapati boxes are beautiful and useful, like all Ellementry products that fulfil their core purpose while retaining their beauty. Choose from a variety of masterfully hand-painted and handmade roti box collections to complement your rotis — these roti boxes built to last one generation to another, becoming kitchen heirlooms that make everyday beautiful.

Roti Box Items with Price

Product Name Price
wood roti box- small 2350.00
Brown Mango Wood Roti Box 2490.00
red mango wood roti box 2490.00
wood roti box- large 3490.00
Frangipani Wooden Roti Box 1890.00