Terracotta is a popular manufacturing material for many diverse reasons. It inspires your mind towards majestic, beautiful ancient sculptures and versatile vessels made up of earthenware. This unique material has transcended time and hasn’t outlived its usefulness to date.

terracotta carafe

Terracotta is a material of various applications. It is surprisingly handy and can complement a range of interiors. In a more contemporary setting, the terracotta tint may be appropriated to break up and add warmth to some of the modern themes.

In a more conventional household, it can look great in the form of accessories and adornments. As we know that terracotta has been popular for making utensils since ancient times – especially in the Indian sub-continent. It has been a popular manufacturing material for making kitchenware items.

Ellementry is a platform with plenty of terracotta kitchenware items to choose from – irrespective of the lifestyle choices of the family.

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Ellementry Terracotta Water Tumbler

The ancestral Matka blends into a contemporary style – so, it is used in a household on apt events. The inherent Indian clay preserves the cooling of good Indian clay. It is fully nature-born, sustainable and food safe drinkware. The kitchenware is handcrafted and blends into your modern lifestyle, beautifully.

Rose patchouli natural soy wax terracotta box with a wooden lid (4 wicks):

The natural soy wax candle is quite a sustainable candle that provides a clean burn with only fragrance released into the air. It can find its place on the dining table, preferably for occasions like candle-lit dinner.

This candle is not toxic and comes in a stylish, eco-friendly terracotta pot with a wooden lid. The wicks prolong the lifetime of the candle as the wax gets hot enough to pool across the entire candle. The terracotta box can be used to keep the knick-knacks later after the wax melts away.

Ellementry Terracotta Baking Dish

The small baking vessel fits flawlessly into your baking set and is ideal for prolonged cooking on low heat as it disperses the flame evenly. The best bit is that it could be used as cookware as well as a serveware item.

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Terracotta Roti box with wooden lid

The Ellementry terracotta Roti Box is a useful kitchenware item as it is sustainable. It’s perfect to keep your Phulkas in and keep them hot.

Sienna terracotta baking dish

It suits perfectly into your baking collection and is excellent for long cooking on moderate heat as it distributes the heat uniformly. So, the kitchenware item fits the bill in your natural terracotta kitchenware set collection.

Sienna terracotta carafe with lid

This terracotta carafe is an all-weather gift. It can be a perfect kitchenware gift with a wooden top. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly presents that you can gift to your loved ones, in a celebratory mood.

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This carafe is an ode to the proverbial, earthen pot. The natural way of evaporative cooling keeps the water cool to quench your thirst in hot and humid seasons.

Sienna terracotta ice bucket

The Sienna Ice Bucket secures the ice cubes for your drink. So, in the upcoming joyous season, it can help upkeep your high spirits. It is chilled with this earthy handmade terracotta ice bucket.

Ellementry affords you its kitchenware set with terracotta Knurl items. The various knurly terracotta products are of multipurpose use.

Knurl terracotta curd setter 

The curd setter is perfect for making curd with healthy bacteria in it. The curd made in it is thick and healthy to consume.

Knurl terracotta tumbler with a wooden lid 

The tumbler from the Knurl set is robust with the cooling characteristics of the much Indian clay. It is also a natural, food-safe and sustainable container – handcrafted to mingle into your up-to-date lifestyles – elegantly.

Knurl terracotta curd setter with a wooden lid (small) 

This small vessel is permeable and born from the womb of nature. The terracotta curd setter with a wooden top is just the perfect rearing ground for healthy bacteria to make the curd. It also permeates the excess water helping you get thick, nutritious and pure curd.

Terracotta is also a mystic in nature – as it consists of elements such as – earth, water, fire, air, and space. As popular as terracotta is for its earthy properties, it can find its proper place in aesthetically modern kitchens. The terracotta kitchenware items are available with Ellementry are unique. They are oven friendly and handcrafted.

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