Dinner is an essential meal of the day. Just like any other meal, dinner can range from being heavy on the stomach to rather something light. The amount and type of dinner decide the efficiency of our digestive system. It also determines the nutrient retention in our body over some time.

Like any other meals, dinner requires the right set of serveware in place for the dinner to be served in the right way. The dinnerware set may include utensils such as plates, bowls, jars and cutlery.

It also supports fitting dinnerware add-ons. Additionally, the articles are available in different varieties in terms of materials used, purpose, and aesthetic choices of colour, texture and feel. Some of us like to have rich dinnerware sets, while others are more attached to the roots and would go for a grounded, earthy approach.

Ellementry adds to the range of options to buy your perfect dinnerware set, suiting your lifestyle and health choices. knurl collection, terracotta, rustic sage, talk about sustainability & food safety)

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Knurl terracotta curd setter 

Curd in different forms can be a great dessert after a meal. Especially, if it has been prepared and maintained in an indigenous manner. The earthy flavour of the pot gives the curd whole new importance.

Clay is its manufacturing ingredient and popular for absorbing water. The curd sets into the clay pot, and it absorbs the excess water to get thicker and creamier curd.

Knurl terracotta tumbler with wooden lid 

The tumbler from the Knurl set is earthy with the cooling properties of the good Indian clay. It is a completely nature-born, food-safe and sustainable tumbler – handcrafted to blend into your contemporary lifestyle elegantly.

Knurl terracotta curd setter with a wooden lid (small) The small container is porous and born out of nature.

This terracotta curd setter with a wooden top is just the perfect breeding ground for healthy bacteria to make the curd. It also permeates the excess water. So, what you get is thick, nutritious and pure curd.

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Rustic sage ceramic pasta bowl 

This ceramic pasta container has been manufactured carefully. The ergonomics of the same are best suited for spaghetti or fettuccine. All the bowls are unique as they are handcrafted.

Rustic sage ceramic serving bowl (small

The bowl is a perfect serveware for morsels, a portion of rice or pretty much anything you want it to hold. The small ceramic food safe bowl is aesthetically appealing and can find its rightful place in your hearty household.

Rustic sage ceramic side plate 

The serveware plate may be appropriate to serve side snacks or slices of bread, on a suitable backdrop. This ceramic side plate serves may find its place on the table for any meal or even everyday dinner.

Rustic sage ceramic serving bowl (large) 

The large-sized bowl is a dinnerware constituted of ceramic as a core element. The non-corrosive nature of the container plays a crucial role in ensuring the food safety of your supper.

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Aqua rustic ceramic jar with wooden lid

Ceramic joins wood to help its owners with a clayey, aquatic container that’ll surely stand out. It may be matched up with other pieces from the collection to complement the look.

Aqua rustic ceramic dessert plate

The ‘Aqua Rustic’ ceramic dessert plate helps your desserts get a background of aquatic tones combined with evidences of natural hues. It may be paired with other pieces of the collection to complete the look.

Aqua rustic ceramic platter – small

This rustic platter sits well on your furniture and is classic to entertain all of your serving desires. It can be coupled up with other pieces from the collection to build the look.

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Dinnerware is a crucial serveware in a household, irrespective of one’s lifestyle and health choices. Some of us like luxury serveware others enjoy a serene lifestyle with a minimalistic approach. The different utensils that are a part of the serveware set need to be food-safe and also sustainable.

Ellementry is a one-stop solution for buying such serveware online. The items from Knurl and Rustic collection are food safe and sustainable. These items are handmade and hence unique in appearance. The brand focuses on cultural revival, fusion and most of all food safety and consumer lifestyle preference in all its products.

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