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linea ceramic side plate
Fiore Ceramic Dinner Plate
Rustic Sage Ceramic Side Plate
Fiore Ceramic Thali
Fiore Ceramic Side Plate
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ceramic breakfast plate stripes lemon
aqua rustic ceramic dessert plate

Buy dinner plates online from ellementry to set your dinner table in style. Our variety in dinner plate collection matches classic as well as a contemporary form of the dining area. Our dinner plate collection is versatile for any occasion, season or mood. From indoor dinner spreads to al fresco meals they fit into any scenario. We have handcrafted dinner plates that are plain as well as with delicate motives designed on them. We have many of our dinner plates in the collection that you can even buy separately and create your mix and match collection of dinner plates or you can buy entirely from one collection as well. All our dinner plates are food-safe dinner plates as per international standard. Our ceramic dinner plates strike a fine balance- they adorn your every day and even blend into special dinners. So whether you're looking for classic dinner plates, a colourful style with vibrant colours and patterns, we offer a selection of ceramic dinner set for a sleek presentation.   

Bestselling in dinnerware plate or thali

Product Name Price
Fiore Ceramic Dinner Plate 890
Rustic Sage Ceramic Side Plate 490
Rustic Sage Ceramic Dinner Plate 890
Carbon Ceramic Side Plate 450
Carbon Ceramic Dessert Plate 650

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