Moving into a new house marks a joyous moment in a person’s life. Not only does it embark on a brand new journey, but it also gives you the golden chance of adorning the walls of your house as per your dreams. Now, stepping into new bearings and unfamiliar territories can be both daunting and exhilarating. What makes the unknown corridors of a new abode resemble the familiarity of home is a thoughtful housewarming gift brought to you by Ellementry from its wide range of collection, crafted specially to cater to your needs.

Remember the times when helping your friend move in turned out to be an excuse to celebrate the day’s laborious efforts of shifting, arranging, and rearranging. There is no better way to bask in their glory than to spoil them with a housewarming gift, which also serves their utility.

Gone are the days when the options to decorate the house were limited and put a hefty dent on the buyer’s pocket. Today, with multiple affordable alternatives to choose from, first-time homebuyers are often spoilt for choice. Modern gifting requires you to overlook conventional gifting practices and settle for gifts that mix art with purpose.

Changing times call for a shift in the way you decide to give. From Pinterest to Instagram, social media boasts of a host of unique gifting ideas catering to modern needs. A thoughtful and purposeful gift is the one that is organic, earthly, sustainable, and finds its roots back to old but meaningful traditions.

Shifting into a new house builds a fresh story with the pillars of the new destination. Here is a list of well-curated purposeful and unique housewarming gifting items to celebrate this sparkling occasion.

  • Cheese Board with Set of Knives

Mango wood finds another of its usage in the form of a multipurpose cheese board. It comes with an all-purpose cheese knife, a cheese fork, and a flat cheese knife. This creative set has everything you need to set an impressive spread at your friend’s next wine and dine party. There is no better way to start a housewarming party than wine and a platter filled with different varieties of cheese.

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  • Eggshell Metal Basket With Wooden Rim

Indians are renowned for their collection of exotic fruits due to the tropical climate. Indeed, it comes as no surprise that they would require storage space to house these fruity pleasures. And, moving into a new home calls for transcending into new storage practices. Adopting a modern chic and organic alternatives is the current norm.

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This metal basket by Ellementry serves the quintessential need of someone who loves fruits.
These baskets do not take up a lot of space and come in multiple shapes designed as per the need of the customer. It is the kind of a house warming gift that would not sit ideal.

  • Rustic Gold Metal Wall Art

Rustic Gold Metal is making its way into home decor and is gradually becoming a universal favourite among home buyers. From bottles to wall hangings or bedside lamps, accessories made from rustic gold metal add a massive chunk of magic to your home decor.

These wall hangings emerge as a modern form of art and turn out to be the go-to option during your hunt to find a housewarming gift that stands out. It uplifts the mood of the dining or living area by producing a luxurious and serene effect. A small showpiece or an antique mantelpiece can transform the look of a simple room into high end living.

  • Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers

Glass is making its way back into the arena of kitchenware and house decor. People are less risk-averse to the outcome of broken glass mishaps due to slippery fingers. Right from storing water to oil or vinegar, Ellementry’s glass containers come in handy as multipurpose storage items. Kitchenware made out of class can be stored as an antique piece enhancing the house with its rustic finish. Glass bottles beautifully display modern and old-fashioned blend. The combination of the two transforms countertop basics into lovely kitchen accessories.

  • Terracotta Kitchenware Set

Terracotta is a type of clay-based ceramic, which undergoes high heat temperature to build sturdy and purposeful vessels. It can be used to create a kitchenware ideal for cooking and serving delicious food. It can be moulded to create various utensils into a myriad of shapes and sizes. Being an earthy element, it helps maintain an alkaline balance in your body. A gift made up of Ellementry’s terracotta is symbolic of the thoughtful relationship people share with the earth and its fellow human beings.

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