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Zigzag Marble Chopping Board Stand
teak wood scooper large
teak wood scooper medium


Wooden scoops are incredibly functional, and they look great in any kitchen. A wooden scoop is an essential modular kitchen accessory that helps you in providing an easy way to scoop out essentials like pulses, flour, sugar, rice or bulk foods like beans or pasta and more. These handcrafted scoops are durable and elegant ideally suited for scooping out dry material. As these food-safe scoops are made of wood so they won't, they won't rust, corrode, or alter the taste of your food. The beautiful wooden scoops will handle all your scooping needs. These lovely wood scoops will handle all your scooping needs correctly. The beauty of Ellementry products is that they make mundane beautiful. The wood adds a little country style to your kitchen or pantry. These wooden scoops will look elegant in a glass jar, and the size of these scoops are perfect for taking out grains or powdered food. These are carefully shaped and sanded for a silky smooth feel, then finished with a food-safe coating to give it an additional coat. These kitchen accessories can be shopped online at Ellementry.  

Kitchen Accessories with Price

Kitchen Accessories Products Name Price
teak wood scooper medium 390
teak wood scooper large 490
Zigzag Marble Chopping Board Stand 1890

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