Love is a funny thing. The millions of feelings that one experience while being obsessed with this term are unmatched. It can happen anywhere with anyone. Love is not restricted to living beings only.

Many love their books, personal belonging immensely. Someone loves the feeling of love. It feels wonderful to be in love and must be cherished in each form. Let’s accept and celebrate the love of all kinds around us with Ellementry.

Recent times have witnessed a major paradigm shift in people’s perception. From considering it a sin, crime, disease to accepting it as a normal variant of human sexuality, our society has come a long way. The acceptance is the result of awareness and an increasing literacy rate. It is unfortunate that still in many corners of the world, homosexual behaviour is a crime.

The story doesn’t end with acceptance. Inclusion is of equal importance. Even today a homosexual or bisexual is welcomed with a big question mark on the face. This is maybe because society may have accepted them on papers and mentally to show the modernization but have opened hearts for them.

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We, as humans, forget that they are just like us. They breathe the same way, eat the same food, and even have a physical stature just like any other normal being. Then judging them based on their sexual preferences is not fair. It is a personal experience and choice. One has all the right to be what he is from within. Hiding own identity is no less than a nightmare.

June is celebrated as a ‘pride month’ all over the world. People march on the roads to celebrate love beyond boundaries. People have many reasons to join this revolutionary celebration. Here are some popular opinions of few participants:

  • To gain a new perspective on the lives of others around
  • To understand and learn to appreciate the diversity among ourselves
  • Understanding people’s background and choices for personal & societal growth
  • Celebrate beautiful differences

For some, it is an energizing and thought-provoking experience. It helps everyone to unite and educate themselves by learning about each other choices and lifestyle. The month is to mark their rights. It also enables people to gain a sense of pride in the diversity of our own culture.

Let us all celebrate this month of pride along with Ellementry, a brand that tries to capture the beauty in its original form with its handcrafted and eco-friendly kitchenware products.

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Ceramic jug small stripes blue

It is a beautiful combination of nature and modernity. Give your breakfast a dash of style with a touch of sustainability with this Ceramic blue striped jug. It will never go out of trend. It is a perfect decor piece for your dining as the pretty pastel blue tone will delightfully complement your milk and cereals.

Brown mango wood textured platter-rectangle

Along with tasty delicacies, serve the touch of nature with this brown mango wood textured platter. It will take your serving game to another level with its raw and natural character. You can use it as a tray or serve crackers and crudités with a dip bowl added to it.  

Fleur d’or wooden salad bowl

A green salad will look more fresh and green in this fleur d’or wooden salad bowl. It is hand-painted and is ideal for serving salad. You can even put it on your counter and dining as use it as a fruit bowl. The product is all you need when you are going all-natural.

Amber love ceramic serving bowl

It is understandable that people around us fancy antique and expensive item. Humans have started looking for beauty in all things unnatural. What he might have forgotten is that true beauty lies in its actual state.

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This bowl is the epitome of minimalism and elegance. It will sit nicely on your table and will lighten up every occasion.

The diversity celebration should not be limited to just one month. It should be an everyday thing. Ellementry tries to bring back the raw and natural character of tableware and decoration items. Have a look at more of its products only at

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