Decorating a home is so much fun. It is amusing to buy new decor items and put them up on the walls and the cabinets. It gets stressful sometimes when one doesn’t have an organized plan.

But it can be a lot exciting with a vision in mind. All you need is a picture in mind of the décor. You can get numerous inspirations online. One can also keep a theme in mind while decorating a home.

It might sound like a lot of work, but home decor becomes an enjoyable activity when you have a smart plan in mind. Own some beautiful handcrafted decor items for your home from Ellementry: a premium brand that believes in serving customers and nature.

Begin with dividing your home into parts as per the priority. Much like the kitchen, bedrooms are the heart of your abode. It is where you feel at peace after a long chaotic day. The living space of your home must embody your inner self. Every item present in the hall, room, or kitchen must reflect your personality. That is when your house becomes home.

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Every room in the house has a purpose, and so does every décor item in it. The furniture you select and the lighting you install in your rooms determine your character. It shows what kind of person you are. E.g. the colour of your walls gives away the idea of the kind of personality you have.

If they are of calm and cool colour, it means you are of warm personality. The bright colours demonstrate that you have a high-spirited personality. Everything in a home has a purpose. Each light, furniturekitchenware, everything is present to serve a purpose.

You may not realize, but certain items in the house go unnoticed but have high importance. One such thing is furniture. It is one of the essential requirements of every home. Sofas, chairs, and couches make our every day simpler and comfortable.

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The table helps to keep the things on it for easy access when needed. They also make excellent interior décor items. You can bring home furniture of all kinds. The market is full of beautiful and funky furniture sets that light up your living space with their style and design.

There is one little thing that each one you must have at your place. That is a side table. They are small in size but in every way make a corner look elegant with its chic look. Here are some options for you to check out and decide for yourself won’t look good in your bedroom beside your bed:

Cane Craft side table with removable trays:

This table will look the best on your balcony at the side of your chair. The table has two decks. You can put all your magazines and other favourite literature on the lower shelf while a little planter and teacup will look perfect on the top.

It is an oak wood table that is perfect to place between two single armchairs or at the corner. The table is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a lamp. You can keep it anywhere you like. The corner of the place will brighten up only with its presence.

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Blue wood and metal side table:

This Shibori print blue wood and metal tray table enhance the space with its exquisite metallic look. You can keep it beside the table and accessorize it with books and a lamp.

One can also keep antique display items or beautiful photo frames on it. The table will attract attention even when nothing is on it. The elegance of wood and the sturdiness of metal makes this table a combination of beauty and utility.

Doyen side table

This vintage side table is appropriate to keep beside a bed. It is large enough to store your belongings and strong enough to stand the weight of everything. You can use it to keep all your essential stuff. The top surface provides a perfect platform for a phone charger and a stylish lamp.

Soiree side table

Are you planning to throw a tea party for your friends? The table is an ideal piece for setting up the fancy serveware in front of the guests. It is also perfect to give a designated home to your fine wines. It offers storage at both the upper and lower sides.

Ellementry has everything that you need to elevate your living space! Whether it is side table or any other homeware item, you are all set with this brand.

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