We all are familiar with the feeling of stepping into the kitchen for a midnight snack or to socialize with your mother while she cooks. It isn’t just a place for cooking; it is where memories are made unplanned and right at the moment.

A place that is a mirror of your taste and lifestyle has to look the best, right? Make it look just the way you want with Ellementry, a premium place to find all the kitchen decor items without harming your pocket and nature.

Kitchen decor doesn’t have to be a hefty task. Believe it or not, but giving your kitchen a whole different and new look doesn’t mean knocking all the walls down and starting from the bottom.

With only the right mix of accessories, set of side-corner stools, lighting, artwork, and even chic cabinet hardware, you can pull off a pocket-friendly and noticeable transformation of your favourite place at your house.

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While thinking of redecorating, begin with dropping the perspective that renovation and transformation are for big-size kitchens only. Smaller kitchens are more efficient workplaces than large ones.

Good design and decor are not exclusively for large kitchens. All you need to decorate and transform your kitchen into adorable sizes are intriguing ideas and smart play while choosing the décor items.

Ellementry presents you with a wide and exclusive range of beautiful handcrafted and lavish kitchen décor products at affordable prices. Each of its products will make your kitchen a true reflection of yourself.

With the feature of handmade by a true artist and being environmentally sound, products bring a certain kind of cultural value to your house. You will not only transform your kitchen but also your lifestyle with Ellementry.

Some of its products that you can go for your kitchen renovation:

Jot down notice board with 4 magnet stoppers

When you have children and adults who also act like children when it comes to food choices, it becomes difficult to remember who demanded what in the lunch. The problem finds an easy solution with jot down notice board with 4 magnets.

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Write down everybody’s favourite dish or a morning thought or a reminder for anything on its smooth writing surface. This fancy-looking board gives a millennial vibe to your kitchen.

It comes with four magnets which you can use to stick your monthly grocery list, monthly expenditure bills, and cute little notes by your kids. It even has two hooks in the bottom to hang your apron, napkins, and keys. It is handmade from mango wood, especially for you.

Black ceramic wall hook

Almost everyone is afraid of the moment when they have to look for something which they believe to have kept in a certain place. Things like aprons, cloth, mittens, table linen sometimes get misplaced. You couldn’t find them when they are needed the most.

With black ceramic wall hooks, it would no longer be a struggle to find them in every cabinet. Hang them on the hook and cook stress-free. These cute little hooks are crafted from ceramic and hand-painted by the artists, which add a charm to them. Hang anything from tea towels to aprons; it will carry them in style.

Gold metal wall art 

Unleash all the creativity with this gold metal wall art. These pieces of decor add a funky touch to your kitchen. Who knew a basket someday would look so good? These are perfect for trinkets, napkins to keep them handy for you. You can even use them to store fruits. Hang them on the wall and enhance its overall look with minimum effort.

Apart from selecting the right kitchenware for your kitchen, it is vital to keep few more things in mind. Always keep your kitchen well-lit. Every corner must have light. Keep it clutter-free.

Act smart and buy multi-purpose décor items which serve as a storage utility as well. You have to select products based on the theme. Do not include anything and everything in your kitchen. Let it have its vibe. There are plenty of options to choose from at Ellementry. They are experts in giving your kitchen a distinguished character in the house.

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