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Kitchens, the heart of every home, needs to keep clean and organized all the times. It is where you cook a hearty meal for your loved ones and bond with them. From tiny bits to large barrels, it accommodates everything. Each item has to be assigned its specific space. 

The kitchen, in a way, is an entertainment zone for most people. If not the entire kitchen, give your countertop a different look and setting. Decorate it with fancy yet affordable decor items of Ellementry. Its wide range of products can give you numerous ideas to redo your favourite space. 

Undisputedly, the kitchen countertop is the major part of any kitchen. As many households today have an open kitchen, it becomes mandatory to keep it clean and presentable all the time. 

When you are hosting a party or a small get together, it comes as a challenge to keep everything on the countertop organised and tidy. All you need is little organisational skills and you are good to go. 

While decorating the countertop is no difficult job. You can combine decoration and function, and Viola! A beautiful countertop is ready. Even some beautiful looking appliances will do wonder. 

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Kitchenware items like jars, antique jug or crockery, creative baskets, and other interesting looking items of storage will help you put together your vision for your kitchen’s countertop.

To put your struggle with countertop decor ideas to rest here are some products ideas which will bring life to your countertop. 

Brown mango wood notice board with cutlery pinboard 

So you don’t have an open kitchen. There is nothing to fret about. Usually, a closed kitchen has a wall in front of their counter. You can use unique and interesting looking wall art images or wall hangings. This brown mango wood notice board would be a perfect fit for this purpose.


Mango wood notice board


It’s a multi-purpose item. The notice board enhances the overall look of your wall and also helps you remind certain things which you, in other, case would have forgotten. You can write down the menu of the day or your grocery list on its smooth surface. It comes with cutlery pins to attach monthly bills and other important notes so you won’t miss them. 

Blue wood utensil holder

Nobody likes to move around while cooking. The cook might also get cranky when she\he couldn’t find the right spatula at the right time. The blue wood utensil holder is a piece of art. It will look gracious and elegant sitting on your countertop.

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This utensil holder is spacious enough to hold spatulas of all sizes. The blue wood utensil holder is eco-friendly and handcrafted, especially for you. Its beautiful colour will attract the attention of each visitor. 

Brown wood rack and shelf 

Gone are the days of cemented shelves and racks. Today is the time of unique shaped and moveable rack and shelf. This brown wood rack and shelf add the value of our culture and tradition to the kitchen. It gives a very homely feeling. You can hang them on the wall in front of the countertop.


Wooden Rack- Shelf


One can use them to put jars and boxes. In case, you wish to add colours and life to your kitchen, you can place a small indoor plant pot with 3-4 cookery magazines on it. Use them to place storage cans or utensils; it is efficient enough to hold anything and everything. 

Grey metal basket with marble base

A basket full of fruit on the countertop looks beautiful. Not just any basket, but a handcrafted metal basket with a marble base by Ellementry. You can put vegetables in it as well. It is a beautiful combination of metal and marble. The basket is compact and is convenient to handle. 

Maze ceramic jar with wooden lid

This beautiful conglomeration of ceramic and wood goes well on your kitchen’s countertop. These jars are perfect to stock coffee, sugar, tea leaves or even cookies. The wooden lid seals the content inside, protecting it from moisture. This ceramic jar with a wooden lid brings a classy look to your countertop.


Maize Ceramic Jar


These products are perfect for your countertop organised and classy look. They all escalate the overall look of the kitchen and make it more trendy and so in style. You can even place a tiny ort ceramic planter with an indoor plant to add a pinch of greenery and positivity to the kitchen. Whatever you need, Ellementry has got it all.  

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