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Our water jug range is beautiful and useful, both. Take our silver jug, for example. Our silver water jug online is handcrafted in brass; this Matt Silver Water Jug is a classy accessory on your tabletop. Brass is a very durable material and fashioned in a sleek design, so be rest assured that this piece of crockery will be in vogue for a long time. Our milk jug silver is a classy accessory in your Breakfast set. Entertain your guests with the very best silver lacquered milk jug. Our terracotta water jug online looks contemporary, but they also carry the alkaline goodness of the matka. Alkalized water reduces body pains, improves blood circulation and gives you stronger bones. Our small glass jug is mouth-blown artistic glass, and it is a true expression of indulgence and refinement. Handmade gives a humanising touch to this water jug's design. Our ceramic water jug online is hand-painted. Ceramic keeps the water cool for longer, so ceramic jars are not just a perfect addition to your nightstand or work desk but quiet a looker-on your dining table too. We have a variety of pitcher so buy a jug from ellementry to quench your thirst the eco-friendly way.  

Jug with Price

Jug Products Name Price
matt silver milk jug 3490
matt silver water jug 7290
ceramic jug small polka dots lemon 750
Fiore Ceramic Jug 1190
linea ceramic water jug 1050

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