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Simplicity can never go wrong and Ellementry believes in simplistic beauty. Use this multipurpose vegetable basket for storing vegetables or other daily essentials. Go for this contemporary open-wire vegetable storage basket with matte finish features to elevate your display of vegetables in the kitchen. These wired storage baskets are perfect for organising your greens in the kitchen efficiently. These onion baskets for the kitchen are excellent for storing my potatoes, beans, grains and rice that one cooks almost daily so that you can see all your staple ingredients. These breathable baskets are the right solution to organise your kitchen and they add a little country style to your kitchen or pantry. These utilitarian potato and onion storage baskets are perfect for keeping root crops displayed and ready for use. The spacious handcrafted metal baskets make you organise your farmer’s market shopping. Apart from using this as potato and onion basket for kitchen, you can also use them to keep fruit in these baskets.

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