Every individual around the world consumes at least two to three meals a day with a few snacks in between. So, it can be aptly said that the importance of food in human life is of paramount importance. We need to gain energy and stay focus.

Just as a machine needs oiling and electricity or any other power source to function, humans also function in the same way. However, in the 21st century, almost every individual is on the run. As a result, we prefer snacks that cook faster. What we have forgotten is how crucial and advantageous slow cooking is. Luckily, Ellementry is here to remind you and get back in touch with your roots.

The brand has always been fascinated with the benefits of slow cooking and what wonders it can do to human health. Before we show you the slow cooking collection from Ellementry, let’s take a look at some fascinating advantages of slow cooking.

A Meal Full Of Nutrients

Every mother or the one who prepares a feast for the family aims at offering something delicious and also high on nutritional value. When you regularly cook the food, you have no control over the nutrient profile, but slow cooking gives you control. Whether you are cooking with veggies or meat, the slow cooking method makes the food more moist and tender. The overall fat and calorie content also reduce.

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No More Nutrient Loss

During cooking techniques, the breakdown of nutrients happens. But when you prepare the meal over low flame and for a longer duration, the nutrients are not lost. Rather the nutrients are captured when the resulting juices and sauces get served with the food.

Limits The Intake Of Processed Foods

Have you been binging more to processed foods and wish to lower their consumption? Slow cooking can be a great option. You can make frozen boxed foods using the technique and decrease consumption of fat, sodium, and calories in your diet.

Now, let’s explore some cookware that can assist you with slow cooking.

Upper Crust Ceramic Tart Dish

Do you like to beat and whip? Want to make a delicious dessert or meal but want to fill it with your love and health? Then upper crust ceramic tart serving dishes set can be a great option. As it is made from ceramic, it makes perfect cookware when you wish to slow cook. You can also use the plate to serve the food while maintaining its integrity.

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Carbon Ceramic Pasta Bowl

Pizzas and pasta have made their way into every kitchen these days. If you are making pasta for your family, carbon ceramic pasta serving bowls set is what you need. Its beautiful and pleasing look will gel well with your kitchenette. Once you have prepared the meal, transfer it to this attractive bowl and set it on the dinner table. Your prepared dish will be wiped clean in minutes.

Aqua Rustic Ceramic Jar With Wooden Lid

This item is ideal for those who love to make snacks at home. If you have been looking for more space to hold on to your cooking, then go ahead with an aqua rustic ceramic jar with a wooden lid. It also looks beautiful with dinnerware ceramic, if you already possess one. If not, you can conveniently order it online from ellementry.com. This way, you will be able to take your serving skills a notch up without compromise the health as ceramic is perfect for serving, cooking and storing.

Upper Crust Ceramic Loaf Pan

A fresh loaf of bread that is made at home beats everything sold in the market. You have control over the quality of bread you are making, what ingredients will go into it. The best part is, you can cook it at your desired speed. This loaf pan for bread gives you that freedom and liberty. Its beautiful and intricate design is ideal for every traditional or contemporary kitchen. When not baking, use it for serving or anything else that you like. You are only limited by your creativity!

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Fiore Ceramic Salad Bowl

Salad is that one thing, when prepared, must be high in nutritional value. The same cannot be said when a salad is bought from a restaurant. So, why not make it yourself in a bowl that is worthy of its preparation, as well as serving?

If you wish to try the slow cooking method, you must go ahead with it. The path is not daunting, rather it will lead you to nutrition-rich and lip-smacking food. With ellementry, anything is possible.

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