Life is full of ups and downs, and your bedroom is a place where you can find solace. A bedroom is a haven against the chaos we endure each day. Bedrooms are our happy place. And thus, choosing your bedroom furniture and decor becomes a vital task. The bedroom lighting design, beds, colour shades, extra furniture, and the entire aura of your bedroom should be decided while choosing the right bedroom decor.

The bedroom lighting should usually have ambient fixtures, multi-task lighting, and, most importantly, dimming controls. The mellow and dim nature of your bedroom lights helps you read, set up a light mood, and help you sleep properly. While pendants and table lamps are essential in your bedroom, choosing the furniture and décor to go with your bedroom, the lighting might be an uphill ride. You have to select the ambience and mood of your bedroom that go with your bedroom lighting design. Therefore, these five tips from Ellementry will load off your worries while choosing your bedroom décor and furniture.

Subtle Colours

The colour in your bedroom makes the aura inside it. You should choose the colours that soothe and give a sensation of relaxation. You may avoid selecting primary colours that are bold and bright as it usually does not compliment the thought of calm and peace. As per the colour theory, choose blue, lavender, or green shades that bring serenity and calmness. Hues of toasty brown, deep pomegranate and topaz also are available options. These vibrant jewel-tone shades bring the feeling of comfort and cosiness inside the room. If you want to go with your favourite colour, you can go ahead with their lighter versions. For instance, your favourite is wine or mulberry, you can go with lilac or orchid, or if you like orange or rust, you can go with squash or tangerine. Your bedroom lights might always be dimmer or mellow, and the colour of the bedroom should complement these lights. Thus, choosing a light tone is the best way to go ahead.

Dreamy Ceiling

If we count the amount of time you will spend in your bedroom; the ceiling is where you will stare the most. While lying on the bed, you would not want to stare at a bland surface, and therefore it should be painted with dreamy colour. You can go with a lighter shade of the wall colour to make it visually comforting. The dim glow in your ceiling will give you a space of cosiness. You can also paint the ceiling with spacious elements such as stars and moon to give the feel of a starry night in your bedroom. You can choose a chandelier or lamps on the ceiling above the bed to add the extra texture. Although simplicity is the key in décor, combining elements in your ceiling can give a royal look to your bedroom.

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Cosy Bed

The bed of your bedroom should be apt as it consists of the most crucial task. It should contain all the ingredients for a perfect recipe for your sleep. Cosiness is the key to a comfortable space where you can relax in your bedroom. To make a beautiful and cosy bed, you can use a form of layered bedding. Along with comfort, it gives your bed space a glamorous look. While mattresses are essential for your sound sleep, the layered bedding will help you keep cosy in any weather condition. You can play with textures in your bed by adding little dramatic elements such as Lake August fabric and vintage yet classy blankets. Therefore, layered bedding not only increases the aesthetics of your bedroom but also provides you with comfort and cosiness.

Storage Space

It does not matter if your bedroom is small or large, extra storage space should always be allotted to keep things away from the line of sight. It allows your room to feel spacious and calmer. Choosing a bedside table containing drawers help you keep books, material, glasses or watches reachable as well as out of sight. A bed with trunk storage can keep your extra sheets, pillows, blankets, and covers. Additional boxes can be kept under the bed covered with a matching cloth or skirt, giving a spacious feel. Closet space is crucial for your bedroom and can be organized at a place that gives you more room and easy access. For keeping books and other necessary materials, sliding shelves can be prepared to provide you with ease in its storage. The lighting in your room will bloom with additional spaciousness.

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Curtains and Essential furniture

An ambience of the bedroom is maintained with its lighting. Curtains are significant in controlling the external light inside the room. Curtains help to cover the framed windows and provide colours, textures, patterns, and different softness to your room. Drapes and sheer curtains add layers to the amount of sunlight entering your room. These curtains help you sleep late and maintain privacy from the outside world. While the curtains are essential commodities bringing new flavours inside the room, you may include accent furniture to enhance your bedroom’s look. A window seat in your room can help you view the outside world with much ease and comfort. A relaxing chair inside the place gives space to think and relax. A side table is another vital addition to keep your essential things or lamps keeping up with the aura of your bedroom lighting.

Apart from these critical aspects, other additional things such as mirrors, dresser, linens, etc., can be chosen that match your bedroom’s feel. You can also add different furniture and keep the room’s décor that compliments the different layers of lighting inside your room. For instance, you can choose a blue wood metal side table from Ellementry to match with your dim-lit room or a cane crafted side table with removable trays that goes with your bright and lively bedroom or vice-versa. Choose your bedroom wise but its furniture and décor ‘lightly’!

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