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A master bedroom offers personal vibrations and not just aesthetic ones. Dream about the plumage lights, the mood lighting, and the surreal showpieces. Your bedroom is an indication of how you feel. 


Lighting plays a vital role in creating the right ambience and setting the right mood. The Ellementry grey terracotta oval table lamp is a perfect supplement to the natural light. You can place it anywhere from next to your bedside to the table and the corner of the living room to the office study. The beautiful fusion of Ecomix and fabric used in this lamp will add an eco-friendly touch to your décor.

Bedroom Lamps

Light up corners or put a spotlight where you want it to be, with Ellementry's Gun Metal Pendant Lamp that adds a raw charm to your décor. Ellementry provides a wide range of lights that would enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

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Piled Up Decadent, Layered Textures 

Glass Lightings

Does a comfy bed appeal to your more than anything else? The smooth grey walls and the corresponding headboard offer a rich attraction to the sleek, light, and airy space. No artwork is required on these walls. But, layering it with wall décors would be great. 

Add the Rustic gold metal wall art above the headrest to add some texture in your bedroom. This wall art will bring out the class in your bedroom. 

Fluffy Flower Display: 

To make your bedroom a space ideal for your intimate moments, add a flowery touch with some fluffy, etheric dried seedlings called the pampas. In this California bedroom, Corinne Marthern demonstrates this with a minimalist romantic approach. 

Lacquer the walls: 

Let walls be your canvas when you're changing things around. Every room can be elegant and sophisticated at a time, because of its high-gloss lacquer. Things will get highlighted even more in the shadow of red like this. Since the walls are so high, go with the traditional ivory bedding and scones to polish it. 

Ellementry's attar maroon wax filled glass bowl speaks volumes when you place it on the bedside table. It will add more romance to your space. 

Pillows made of Velvet: 

"Bring your bed-scape comfortably with a few velvet pillows as it adds a soft and smooth texture to the bed." 

Try out Candles and Lanterns: 

Ellementry handcrafted glass candle stands are a beautiful fusion of glass, Ecomix and wood to make your bedroom more romantic. The Akoda print on the base container makes it more culturally rooted. A 3" round pillar candle can fit perfectly in this.

"The candles are accomplished and tried and tested romantic product", says the interior designer Emilie Munroe. In areas without hard wall sconces, we have been very successful in building candle bowls—for example, a mirror on either side of the dresser.

The handcrafted Candle Lanterns from Ellementry are the perfect way to uplift the mood of your home through lighting. 

Luxurious Bedding: 

Luxurious bedding items are added incentives to spend a long time in bed. A lovely bedroom has comfortable bedding. The latest range of trendy bedding can upgrade your bedroom at the right time for Valentine's day. 


Hang curtains before your bed to improve the sense of privacy and intimacy. From outside, it should feel like a tiny cocoon. A soft comforter that you would never want to throw off isn't going to hurt either. 

Oversized Plants: 

Turn your bedroom into a luxuriant garden oasis full of flowering and indoor plants. Although it feels wonderful and beyond, it is also grounded because of the elements of natural architecture.

To get oversized plants, you need big planters that speak to you. Try the vama vase - ecomix from Ellementry. 

Luxe Headboard: 

The elegance of underground wood or garden is evoked by the green velvet headboard. It gives a feeling of comfort to a person searching for something less romantic. 

Evocative Art: 

Abstract work is an extremely romantic touch to add in a bedroom. It's about the smoke scene which lets us slide into our comfort zones.

If a painting is not of taste to you, then this rustic silver metal wall art surely will be. 


What is more attractive than a gauzy canopy? The flowy, semi-sheer look just has something enchanting about it. Take note from this bedroom in the picture and spice things up on your own; throw pillows and area rug with a bright dose of colour. 

Opt for Hanging Sheers: 

Half-sheer, gauzy ribbons transmit a feeling of ethereal romanticism. For a smooth effect, they will spread light. Even easier, if the bed is placed facing an incredible view when the curtains are pulled back. 

Mix Diffused and Layered Lighting: 

According to Michael Amato, creative director of Urban Electric, "Focus on diffused and layered lighting, and use both shimmering and sensual textures to create a sexy bedroom setting. The bold geometry with the contrast of soft diffused light creates a perfectly sexy bedroom." 

To have a sexy yet classic bedroom of your choice and taste, following the above ideas, you can go through the Ellementry store and get elegant and beautiful décor items at value for money deals, as we aim at serving our customers with the best products at the best prices.

Ellementry products are the perfect blend of desires and necessities. They are shaped with culture, rooted in wisdom, and adapted to modern sensibilities. Here, good design isn't a privilege, it is customary!

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