Tea strainers are a necessary part of the tea brewing process. Tea strainers or infusers serve the basic purpose of filtering out the tea from tea leaves. 

If you prepare tea using tea leaves then you will know that staining of a tea strainer cannot be prevented. Tea strainers become dirty and get stains over time. It depends on how frequently you drink tea. 

Before looking at how to clean your tea strainer, let us see the effects of a stained tea strainer.

Effects of a stained tea strainer

Discoloured tea strainers often look bad and ugly. It also seems strange and does not match the beauty of your morning tea break.

Apart from that, there can be side effects and health hazards from using a stained tea strainer. The tea can be affected in taste or chemical substances which can have possible side effects on health.

Although plastic tea strainers are cheap, they are not good nor last long. Also, they get stained easily. Try to use a metal strainer like a stainless tea strainer, silver brass tea strainer, etc.

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Therefore, it is always advised to properly clean your tea strainer frequently for a healthy tea break.

Different Methods to clean your tea strainer

Depending on the kind and intensity of stain on your tea strainer, you can use different methods that match the condition. Except for the simple washing method, the daily practice of the other methods to clean your tea strainer is not recommended as it can damage the strainer. 

  1. Simple Washing Method

This is the best and simplest method which is no brainer. If your tea strainer is new or currently clean then you should apply this method regularly. 

Immediately after filtering your tea, wash the strainer well with warm or cold water. Doing this not only prevents your tea strainer from getting stains but also requires less frequent cleaning with the other methods. 

Stains are the result of keeping the tea strainer unwashed for hours. This makes the stains dry on the surface and thus making it harder to clean your tea strainer. And, it may also chemically react with metal strainers, so remember it!

  1. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a cleansing agent and it can be used to clean different substances. We can use this method to clean any metal or plastic tea strainer

Prepare a solution by mixing some baking soda with warm water and then keep the strainer immersed in it for a few hours. After that just gently brush it and wash properly. The most prominent stains should be gone now.

  1. Using Alcohol 

Alcohol has amazing properties in cleaning stains and other dirt. You can use alcohol to clean your tea strainer. Just add alcohol and water in the ratio of 1:4 and leave the tea strainer immersed overnight. 

Then wash it clean with water. With this method, you will be able to remove most of the stains.

Note: If the stains are light and not very much, then you can try this alternative method: First wash the strainer with water. Then apply the alcohol over the stains and leave it for a few hours. After that, simply wash off and you will have a better and cleaner strainer.

  1. The hard brushing method

This method is only for strainers that are made of steel or other metals. Plastic strainers can’t be cleaned with this method.

First, heat the strainer over a flame for 3-5 minutes. Make sure you hold it with a kitchen glove or other substance, to avoid burning your hand.

Second, put off the flame and use an old toothbrush to clean. With the toothbrush, rub along the mesh properly to clean and remove all the stains.

Finally, wash it clean with water after doing the last step. This method has higher chances of making your strainer look like new again without any strains. 

Note that plastic strainers don’t work with this method because you need to heat the strainer over a flame.

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  1. Bleaching your strainer

For this method to clean your tea strainer, you will need bleach. Mix bleach with water in the same way as the baking soda method for cleaning strainer. Here the water should be hot so that the stains are removed more effectively.

Soak the strainer in the bleach-water solution for a few minutes. It is not necessary to keep it immersed for along time. Then use a toothbrush or similar tool for cleaning the tea strainer. After that, clean it properly with water to remove any remaining bleach solution.

Tips to keep your tea strainer clean

Keeping your tea strainer clean by regularly following the methods such as brushing, bleaching, using alcohol is not necessary if you follow these tips.

  • Always wash your tea strainer with water right after using them.
  • Clean your tea strainer weekly using baking soda or alcohol to avoid deep stains.
  • Prefer to use metal strainers over plastic strainers. Stains in plastic strainers tend to remain permanent over time.

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As we have discussed, keeping tea strainers clean is a part of hygiene and should not be ignored. Also, if the tea strainer has become very old, consider replacing it for your safety rather than using it more. And to clean your tea strainer, follow whichever method that matches and is easy for you. Now with these tips, have a nice tea ahead! Visit Ellementry today to buy items related to tea such as teapots, tea strainers, sugar pots, etc.

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