When decorating a home, individuals keep a lot of things in mind. They bring the most tasteful ensembles for their space to make it look lively, calm, warmer, comfortable and eccentric. Choosing a spacious sofa, centre table, side tables, mood furniture & lighting and more, plenty of planning goes into it all.

Once everything is settled in, the room gets furnished, and you think the work is complete, the lonely and empty corners catch your eyes. For some, the realization is instant, while others might take some time to notice the stark and bare areas. The blank spaces grab more attention when the area is fully furnished and well decorated.

Anyone couldn’t help but notice, that something is missing. You will not like your guests pointing out that to you, right! So, what could be done to overcome this interior decoration issue? If you ask Ellementry, the brand has a solution for every home or kitchen need.

Equipped with the most exciting product range, Ellementry is here to help you out! The corners of any room or outdoor space can be accentuated in a simple yet effective way, and that is by using planter pots and vases.

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Many people choose corner furniture to overcome the blandness. Even then, they are still not able to cover the entire area in a harmonious way. However, when plants are introduced to space, they bind the essence together.

It is also a fantastic way to upgrade the room on a smaller scale and without giving it too much space. Another factor that leads to the common occurrence is that people often don’t know what kind of decor pot they must choose for a particular area.

There are certainly plenty of considerations that should be kept in mind before bringing a flower pot or a vase home. Size, material and drainage requirements, all play a vital role. Home plants and vase are needed to match the other visual characteristics as well. Let’s talk about different pots and vases that you can bring home and accentuate the beauty of any space.


Ljo Ceramic Planter With Stand

Planters that come with a stand are very much in trend these days. It is because such planter pots get the needed height to get noticed, and also elevate the way a space appears.

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So ljo ceramic planter with a stand is a great option for those who are seeking harmony and peace in their living space. It comes with a drip tray that ensures all the extra water doesn’t pool on your expensive flooring or carpet. The egg shell colour allows you to complement any décor theme. 

Kasa Vase- Ecomix

Millennial homeowners are very well aware of the sustainable practices that people are following all around the globe. The aim is to imbibe these practices into everyday life and products as well so that Mother Nature can breathe and prosper. So, if you are also planning to follow in those footsteps, then you must choose materials like ecomix to contribute to the betterment of the planet.

Ecomix is an art form where materials like paper, glue and chalk powder are combined to craft sturdy and attractive decor items. This wonderful vase is perfect for those bear corners. Complement it with dried flowers, and you will have a distinctive looking area in no time.

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Ort Ceramic Planter (Short)

Many times it happens that people place ladders, shelves and tables in the corner. Various things are added to give the area more visual appeal. However, even after doing that, the spot doesn’t look as charming as it should be.

You feel that there is some element that is missing to give it a complete and unified look. For such situations, ort ceramic planter (short) is ideal. It can be placed anywhere, topped with fresh plants that can add flavour. You can also paint in your desired colour to add your touch. 

Aqua Rustic Ceramic Vase (Small)

Another beautiful addition for those bare corners is an aqua rustic ceramic vase (small). The soft aqua colour coupled with pink enhances the beauty of everything around it. Place white flowers inside or any other decor item to give it that oomph factor. You can also place it on the centre table so that it doesn’t go unnoticed in any circumstances. 

Ellementry has the best designs and products on display that are suitable for every room and space. Take your time and go through the listing. If you are in a hurry, follow the above-mentioned product guide to make the best decisions.

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