It’s been a long since most of the people have been on a vacation. You sure must be missing chilling with your friends at the beach. What is better than enjoying a cool evening breeze whilst on the beach with your partner?

Those chilled, relaxing drinks like coconut water and lemonade alongside the sea is what we all carve for on holidays. Fun fact: do you know the glass you are served drinks in; is made from the sand. It is true. The glassware at Ellementry is crafted sustainable by heating the sand and moulding, shaping and mouth blowing it to give a refined shape.

Your present actions will decide your future. Using the glassware could be one such action. Glass is immortal. It can be reused and recycled again and again. Glasses you use in your daily life are made from sand. It is a popular material that we use in our home, either to serve our guests or in the regular chores.

Apart from being shiny and transparent, they are inexpensive to make and purchase as well. They are very convenient to give a shape. The material is highly resistant to heat. Lastly, it makes a perfect Decor item in the house and kitchen.

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The process is simple to understand. First, the ordinary sand melts at an incredibly high temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius. The molten sand then transforms as it takes an entirely different aesthetic shape. From a small glass to a large water dispenser, glass can be given any shape of any size.

It is not just in the kitchen that you use glass. The see-through material is found everywhere in your home. Glass makes excellent decor pieces that not only illuminate the ambience but also add the element of elegance and sometimes royalty to the place. They are something that is loved by all in the dining. It is the reason most people prefer to display cakes to their special guests in glass cloche.

Decorate your cookhouse with these exquisite glasswares by Ellementry.

Quoise glass tumbler set of two (tall)

If you are thinking to serve your loved ones chilled homemade lemonade or juice then serve in these quoise glass tumblers. These artistic glasses are a true expression of indulgence and refinement. The fact that these are given shape by the hand gives them a human touch. Both the tumblers are perfect to use on a special occasion, parties or for everyday use.

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Quoise water jug

Which serveware of yours are you planning to put on dining for water? If you need any help, this incredibly classy and beautiful glass jug will solve your entire problem. Its design is what makes it different from others.

Along with serving its conventional purpose, the quoise water jug will make your table speak of modernity from every angle. The interesting design makes it look like a bottle with a cork in place of the lid. It has a handle to offer you a firm grip on the jug. You can fill it either with water or lemonade. Everything will remain fresh in this aesthetically pleasing Quoise water jug.

Quoise set of the round glass tumbler

If you are one of those who does everything in style, then this round quoise tumbler is for you. Serve cold drink or freshly prepared orange juice in them with pride and a smile. Your hospitality game will reach another level with this set of the tumbler. Their round shape is what will attract your attention. One look and you will want them in your kitchen.

Glass water dispenser

Store your boiled detox water with lemon and mint leaves in this glass water dispenser. You can also infuse the water with fresh fruits or lime to add flavour to it. To give it a little height, buy and use a sturdy three-leg multi-purpose wooden stand that comes with the product. It will give the dispenser that little extra lift off the ground.

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