The bakery is the most beautiful place. The cute little treats and pastries tempt everyone sitting unbothered inside a glass cloche. It is a visual delight. The lighting there puts extra magic. A glass cloche is enough to make the dish look extra delicious. It is stunning to watch aesthetically garnished dishes inside the glass cloche. Of course, the feeling of sophistication and royalty is the added goodness. A glass cloche is like the magic wand for a baker. However your cake or other baked item looks, glass cloche will make the people drool for sure. Get one for your kitchen from ellementry.

cloche with platter
Glass cloche with scallop wooden base

What is a glass cloche?

A cloche, which in French means doorbell, is a dome-shaped covering for a dish. It is removed right before serving. A cloche is available in a variety of materials. There are ones made from net fabric, some are shaped from wire closely entangled and, of course, the most desired material of all, glass.

What is glass cloche used for?

A glass cloche is used for numerous purposes. While some are exclusive to certain places like restaurants, some purposes are universal.

When glass cloche was introduced to the world, hygiene and safety were the top priority. It was and is a simple yet beautiful solution to protect food from external forces like dirt, bacteria, and other inconveniences. In those times and even today, covering food with a cloche is the most prominent use of the product.

French used it to cover their precious cheese. In earlier times, it was used to keep the cheese at ambient temperature or to protect it from other foods inside the refrigerator. The reason to keep the cheese inside the cloche is to avoid the smell of other food items in the fridge mixed with cheese.

In high-end restaurants, a glass cloche is a trick to engage customers’ attention. Other than the conventional use, a cloche at a restaurant has taken a fancier turn. It is used to reveal the food. Of course, spectacular and exclusive dishes must remain warm and intact before being presented to the customers.

A glass cloche is a must-have for everyone. Available in different sizes and shapes, glass cloches protect food from all the risks. To cover something as small as a bowl to as large as a plate, you can bring a glass cloche according to your size preference. The table looks more presentable and ready for guests with a glass cloche.

Here is some glass cloche you might like to bring for yourself.

Glass cloche with marble base square 

square glass cloche
Glass cloche square with marble base

You must have always seen around circular glass cloche. It is very rare to find a square-shaped cloche with a beautiful handle on the top. Marble blends with glass to enhance your kitchenware and serving game. Put your cake inside, and it will shine like anything from the crystal clear glass of this cloche.

Glass cloche with marble base oval

marble base glass cloche
Glass cloche with marble base

Are you a fan of home-baked slices of bread? Can you bake it yourself? If yes, then ellementry has got a present for you. Bake the best bread that you can and put it inside this oval-shaped glass cloche with a marble base. You can keep the entire loaf at once or slice it into pieces. Your baking skill takes a new turn when you have the motivation to keep them inside this piece of art by ellementry. Christmas will be here soon. Bake a loaf of nice banana bread for your guests and their children. Put it on the table inside this glass cloche with a marble base. They will be awestruck in the first look.

Fluted glass cloche with wooden stand

wooden base glass cloche
Fluted cloche with wooden base

Royalty drips from all sides in this fluted glass cloche with a wooden stand. You must have only seen such products in fancy restaurants. It is time you have one in your home. Who said you can have cake on a birthday or special occasion only? You can have it whenever you feel like it. Bake one every week and keep safe and fresh on the wooden stand inside the glass cloche. If not the cake, charm it with beautifully dressed cupcakes.

Bring home anyone that you like the most. Each one is capable to be the best décor serveware on the table. It is time to game up your table setting. Let ellementry help you with beauty and sustainability.


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